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Default Re: Damn...

Originally Posted by Remeniz View Post
I'd be pissed too!

They're very, very good motherboards for OC'ing.
I missed out by like $5 and my last bid was with 8 seconds left, I needed a motherboard too, I just swapped out my ASUS P5NSLI with a, Asrock 775Dual Vsta because the PCI-E slot was messing up, a friend of mine told me "it'll be okay, XP is plug and play, just swap out the mobo and connect your boot drive and you'll be good to go", then we started arguing because I said it wouldn't be that simple and XP is NOT plug and play, and I was right...


as I expected, it also didn't even recognize my boot drive as being formatted, and on top of that, the bios recognizes my SATA drives (data drives) but XP won't recognize them, so I stopped the install and threw an old 30GB IDE hdd in there instead so I wouldn't lose all my files on the 120GB IDE hdd, the good news is that while I had the system apart, I took the Zalman VF900 off an old ATI X850pro and mounted it on my 8500GT, saving $40 in the process, wow, the temps dropped 10 degrees and I haven't even cleaned the old thermal compound off and applied any AS5 yet...

I'm bidding on a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L right now because I want this Asrock for the mobo on my second system, not my main system...

MY INTARDNET BEAST ■ Antec 300 ■ Q6600 B3, 2.8GHz @ 1.325v ■ MSI X48C Platinum ■ Kingwin XT-1264 ■ Visiontek HD 4870 512MB ■ 4x1GB Transcend aXeRam DDR3-1800 @ 1400MHz ■ WD Raptor (160GB) ■ Western Digital (250GB) ■ Samsung (640GB) ■ Seagate (500GB) ■ WD Caviar Green (1TB) ■ OCZ ProXStream 1kw ■ Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum ■ JVC HA RX900 ■

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