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Old 07-09-2007, 11:40 AM   #31
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Default Re: Custom building your own computer Builders Guide A-Z

Ya i'm really liking those fans. Figured a little extra security if I feel like pumping my ram up.

In a way I wish I could have done the wiring first myself. Problem is with the case I got the wires are not very long. So it is almost impossible to wire outside the case.

Then power on the case lol thats the moment of truth. I get so nervous myself when I hit that power button for the first time.

I am curious do they sell test blocks for motherboards? I was thinking of building one or if possible just buy one.It would make it so much nicer to test a system without actually putting it together and finding out something doesn't work.

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Default Re: Custom building your own computer Builders Guide A-Z

yh mattie i mean i did my first build just in march for my birthday pc and i was absolutely bricking it lol.

and the most annoying thing is that the case i bought had a dodgy PSU so i thought i did it wrong
which was a real downer i honestly felt like throwing the thing out the windows but now like you i am giving advice to people bout there new builds.

i mean im still very very far off being fully confident but ive done my 5th succesful build now so im getting there.

and while im here can i just say i couldnt have done it without you guys.
im going back to my old thread bout my new pc and gonna add rep to every1 that helped me coz without them id still be buying from pc world lol.

He who has never failed has never attempted anything worth succeeding at.

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Default Re: Custom building your own computer Builders Guide A-Z

Before I actually plug the motherboard power connectors on there, I like to get the power supply setup by plugging it in to the wall outlet FIRST. Then if there's a surge, it won't reach my motherboard. But most power supplies these days are pretty good at that and if there is a surge, it would just shut down anyways. From that point on, I would just for the hell of it, flip the switch on the back just to get that intial jolt in there. It probably won't go through or do anything because there's no open connection to the motherboard. I always expect a minor surge everytime I plug in something for the first time, but there's really nothing you can do about it besides from using surge protectors. Some UPS conditions the lines from surges and vice versa giving you a steady stream of power into your power supply.

There are power supply testers or you can use an volt/ohm meter to test out the power in the power supply by touching the leads to the molex connectors.

There's so much I like to do to my car too but at the same time, I could really use a nice upgrade for my PC. It's either one or the other because either way, I'm spending thousands.
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Default Re: Custom building your own computer Builders Guide A-Z

GREAT THREAD for new members!! (like myself)

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