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Default Which current USB hub must have in order to power all PC peripherals?


please how many Ampers(A, current) USB hub i need when i want to connect:
- wired keyboard (on keyb.1 is: "AMPS: 1.5A", on keyb.2 is: "500mA")
- wired mouse (on mouse is: "100mA")
- external hdd with its own power supply
- RJ45 (network cable)?

This two port USB cable (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201407618014) is said to deliver 1000mA..
If i connect into it an USB hub like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201380858153 i assume no mater what power is inputted into HUB, it will not let the power to go further into devices right?

Im looking to power above mentioned pheriperals without need of additional AC adapter.. thinking about an USB hub which can be powered by multiple USB cables, but surprised im not able to find any + it should ship to europe for low cost


Thank You

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Default Re: Which current USB hub must have in order to power all PC peripherals?

In my opinion it'll probably work fine. I've never had any problems with my own USB device splitter and I've put similar loads on it to that.

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Default Re: Which current USB hub must have in order to power all PC peripherals?

I have a couple of Belkin power USB hubs. Although my desk and laptop rigs will push a USB hard drive and the keyboard and mouse, I like to connect my tablet and phone to them and let them charge up. My desk rig has high current USB ports just for that purpose but they're on the back of the case. Bear to get to. Powered hub in the USB port and loop that around front.
On the laptop that was just asking too much. So another powered hub went on that one. Now the external USB hard drive is happy as is the tablet, phone, keyboard, and the squeaky little mouse.

They are worth the investment. But they do require you plug the wall wart in.

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