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Wizard of Wires
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Default Good Morning David...

Yes it's very cool. But I have to add I keep my shop at an avg of 61F. Ambient air going in to the case can make or break anything you do to reduce the heat. Cold air going in absorbs the heat faster and more efficently than already warm air. If a lot of people would just turn down the heat in the winter or just trim down the vent in the room the system is in, it would allow cooler air to enter the system. In this persons case, the 120mm fans are moving what I assume to be already warm air, too quickly thru the case. The large volume of air is not needed because it's not having the few seconds to absorbe the heat. Swapping them out for more efficent 80mm and slowing them down will help. But that is just part of the solution. Look at everything. Hardware AND software. It's all inter-related.
Have a good day every one. It's going on 5:30 am here. Back to bed after kicking out a couple of drunks here that wrecked a room.

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Default Re: CPU Temp

Originally Posted by setishock
My p4 idles at 81F and peaks under HEAVY load at 104F. That's 27C and 40C for fans of the metric system. And Giancarlos that is with a stock heatsink and fan.
A lot of over heating problems come from not keeping the cpu heatsink fins cleaned out. You would be surprised at how much of a difference it makes just blowing out the dust bunnies. The fan arrangement in the case is another. If the exhaust fan(s) are close to the cpu fan then running at full speed tends to starve the cpu fan making the chip run a little warmer than desired. Reducing the exhaust fan rpms helps to reduce the starvation of the cpu fan. My Cooler Master Aerogate II was money well spent. With it I can balance the fans in the case making a more efficent air flow through the case. And as a added bonus it reduces the noise. I have low noise fans to start with but this controller helps even more.
Now software wise if a lot of things are running in the background it makes the cpu work constantly. When the cpu is doing something it gets warm. Streamlining the unneeded services is one way to reduce the workload. Another is to do away with wallpaper and any programs that monitor the system. Leaving something like MSI's corecell program running will make the cpu work constantly and that makes it run warmer than it really needs to.
It really doesn't matter if you have Intel or AMD, a lot of the heating problems are easy to fix. You just have to use a good logic train to sort them out.
Well I typically talk about the prescott. I'm not sure what yours is. Additionally, mine does better then yours. Yes it does matter. Because AMD is better and more efficient.

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Default Well, Ok then...

You have your opinion.
I have mine.
Your AMD works for you.
My Intel works for me.

There are a lot of smart people in this world. There are those who are passionate in thier beliefs. There are also those who have absolutly no people skills. You fall in to the last catagory. You like to tell people " you're wrong " in one way or another, but all the time it's heavy handed, with out a moments hesitation. I damn well might be wrong but if you think I am choose a more tactfull route to tell me. Something like>
Gee, I haven't looked at it that way before. That's interesting. But here's what I think.
Even if you don't mean a single word of it. Be tactful.
Now that sure sounds better than>
You're wrong.
Think about it a little bit, please.
And try to refrain from the > This is who I am. That's a load.
To the mods and the admin, if you think this is wrong of me, then do what you have to do. I'm fed up with him...

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