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Old 11-29-2004, 11:15 PM   #1
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Default CPU Problems

My computer stopped working the other night. The D bracket that came with the motherboard says that the processor is bad or not properly installed. I took it and the heatsink/fan off and reinstalled it. I booted it up and nothing happened. I have a fan control unit that is seperate from the computer. That has power when I boot up and so do all my drives and such. I can hear the hard drive churn but the hd light does not come on. The fan and everything spins on the CPU and video card.

I thought I would replace the PSU because I shorted it out a few months back. Maybe it wasn't providing enough current for everything. I bought a 500W power supply (one I've been eyeing up for the past few months) and that wasn't the problem either.

I have been having spontaneous shut downs lately where the computer in the middle of the night would shut down and my speakers would make a noise and wake me up. There are also a few times I've come home from work and the PC is off, but the USB Remote wonder light is still on along with the LCD from my fan control.

I'm trying to pinpoint the problem to either the motherboard or CPU. Does anyone know if there is a standard for the beeps on bootup?

My specs for the PC are.

350w antec power supply (now 500W)
2x512mb kingmax DDR433
westen digital 160gb and 80gb SATA hard drives
MSI DVD Burner, SONY CD Burner
Powercolor 9600XT
Soundblaster Live 5.1
Some FireWire card
AMD athlon 64 3200
MSI NEO FSR K8T motherboard

I realize that I have a lot running on this system with only a 350W power supply, so that is why I thought I would try a new 500W PSU first and see if that was the problem, but it's not.

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Ok. I am a full time tech and I tell you this for one reason...I see hundreds of computer problems. When I see a computer come in that powers on and everything works, but no post beep, and no video, 9 out of ten times it is bad cpu. I would put a hundred bucks on bad cpu. On the other hand I have seen an occasional bad mobo out of this same scenario, or both. Yeah and usually there will be no post beep when this happens. Are you getting a post beep? Ram will do the same except typically gives a long post beep every few seconds when powered up.
Unplug all hard drives and opticals, cd-rom, dvd's, etc. then try to power on. Also remove add-on cards, pci etc. Process of elimination, Hope this helps.

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Yes I have removed everything but the CPU, and memory and I get no beeps either. I also read that MSI used cheap caps on its motherboards for the power regulation and they may leak. I guess in June 2004 there was a laysuit against them for knowingly using bad caps and not fixing the problem. I took a flashlight and examined most of them and they look to be heathly. I'll prolly just order a new CPU and then keep this thread updated when I do find out what is wrong with it. I'll have to fight with AMD to get an RMA on my busted processor since I can't find my UPC code from the retail box.
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Default Re: CPU Problems

SKUNX IF U ARE A PC TECH why did u say 100c in the overclocking thread a pc tech guy shouldent go wrong on things like that lol joking m8, o yer fook nows how to solve this proplem out just keep cheacking this thread one of the guys/kids will help u out stright away mate we got some really nice helpfull people onthe forums, go ahead, just posting. lol(laugh out loud)
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