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Default CPU Possibly Overheated?

Hello ! Have a quick concern .. as of a couple weeks ago I noticed my computer wasnt Getting a Picture, and Am just now posting regarding it, Ive been too Busy to try and fix it. Heres the deal.. I get No picture on any sort of Moniter, However the motherboard and Cpu heatsink gets power. The whole computer is being Powered. I hooked up the Moniter cable to the VGA Slot on the board and still no Picture whatsoever. Everything is running and Sounds / Looks ok on the Board. ALSO .. This is Key, But I noticed after I looked at it that 1 cpu Pin wasnt attached whatsoever through the board, As in clipping down to the OTHER side of the Board. Little prongs Come through. So one was out entirely, and another wasnt even fastened Through. To Clarify the first one the Whole heatsink pin was out, and the Other was in but not Fastened On the other Side. Could, possible, one corner of the cpu Might have gotten too hot to run? I looked at it, doesnt seem to look any different. However if , lets say, the pin wasnt fastened and came out, It might have gotten really hot. I keep it running all the time. Overnight / day Could it have burnt out? Without noticing? Ive tried just about every other Option unless people suggest. No beeps / or anything. Vista Home on the drive. If you need me to clarify Info, Ask please. If thats the case I will order another cpu. If people think Its toast. Thanks ! Steve

Also Cpu is Core 2 Duo 2.66 .. A year or so old now

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Default Re: CPU Possibly Overheated?

Can you get a picture of what you are describing?

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Default Re: CPU Possibly Overheated?

You have a stock intel heatsink correct?

This same thing has happened to me with my Pentium Dual Core (E5200), and the stock intel heatsink. The pins are a pain, and it had apparantly been running with one of the pins not inserted the entire way. I noticed it one night, put new thermal grease on and clipped it on again, and away I went. I never noticed any increase in temperatures, and my processor is still fine. I doubt it did anything, and if it overheated you would most likely see visible evidence. I wouldn't completely rule it out, but I personally doubt it. It also depends on how far the heatsink was off by.

Also, most motherboards (and I believe processors, as well) have an auto shut off at a certain temperature.
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Default Re: CPU Possibly Overheated?

It's unlikely to be an overheating issue from what you've described. If it's a gradual thing then you'd have started to see issues long ago and the thermal cutout on the intel processor would've kicked in, shutting the thing down. If it was a sudden thing due to the pins, well those things don't just pop out - you wouldn't have been running it for a year or so without issues.

It's possible your motherboard's gone bad - before you jump to any conclusions though try detaching all the components from the motherboard bar the power supply and CPU, then try starting it up. If you still get nothing then it's likely to be one of those two causing the issue, if your machine springs into life then try adding components back one at a time until you find the culprit.

At a long shot, also try popping the CMOS battery, waiting a few minutes then putting it back in. In rare cases where something strange has happened to the BIOS somehow, that'd clear it up.
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