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Default CPU Overheat - Help needed urgently

I just fit a new PSU in my computer. It's a fairly decent power supply and is compatible with all of my components.

Now while fitting it I encountered a problem; the space between the SATA cables is very short and I could not plug both my DVD Drive in and my hard drive in at the same time because they are spaced to far apart, so my hard drive needs moving up the case slightly so the cables can reach but the CPU fan is in the way of the other docks for the hard drive(s). How convenient. I unclipped the CPU's fan, but it didn't come off because it was screwed down, but two small metal clips came off. I thought I would leave this until later until I could remove the fan completely and put the clips back on, and pulled a small lever back over to tighten the clips.

Next I power up my PC and all works fine until about 10 or 15 minutes in; my computer shuts down. Not a power problem, I go into Bios > PC Health and my power supply was 71 degrees celcius. Very hot! The shutdown is 90, so it must have reached this D:

Immediately I assumed that I maybe the fan had not secured down properly, so I let it cool down (heatsink was exremely hot) then unsecured the fan, and very carefully secured it again. Start up PC health again and it was running at 49 degrees max which was about right for my system, didn't flactuate much as all really. Fan speed 2000RPM.

Started up a few games to put more load on my CPU for 10 minutes then checked the temp, was still at 49 degrees.

Now I'd like some advice, does anyone know what may have caused this overheat? Was it most likely my fan? I'm going to monitor the temp for about an hour later on, and see how it fares.

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Default Re: CPU Overheat - Help needed urgently

Maybe the actual heatsink was not touching the cpu perfectly, and when you tightened the fan again the pressure of that made the heatsink touch the cpu as it should.
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