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Default Couple of questions


Im a bit of a computer nut but im still learning and need help on a quiz I was doing with my brother. The questions I dont get are below. They are either true or false statements and an explanation has to be given of why you choose true or false.

Q.RAM is a term relevant to addressing data within memory modules
Q.ROM is a term relevant to addressing data within memory modules

Q.The MCR is an component in the CPU

Q.USB is a type of bus

Q.The Condenser property is the most important property is selecting a microphone for use in a PC to PC conferencing call

These are the ones we are really stumped on. Any help would be much appriciated

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Default Re: Couple of questions

1. RAM is a type of memory module. The term literally means, Random Access Memory.
2. I don't know...
3. No. False.
4. USB is a type of Bus. It means Universal Serial Bus. They come in different speeds. Currently the fastest is USB 2.0 I believe.
5. I don't know.

Sorry for the ones I couldn't answer, but I hope the ones that I could answer help you and your borther out.

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Default Re: Couple of questions

(1) Random access memory, means the CPU can retrieve data from any address within the RAM and
right to any available free ram areas.

(2) Read only memory, means you can only read data stored in the ROM chip unless it's a
EPROM (Erasable programmable read only memory).

(3) The MCR CPU Board is a Z-80 based microcomputer consisting of EPROM program and graphics
memory, general purpose SRAM, high speed RAM for video, a custom video timing generation
system, and I/O subsystems and decoding.

(4) Universal serial bus, speaks for itself.

(5) The use of condenser type microphones for PC use is to try and improve sound quailty but
it doesn't always work, you need to put into account 1) signal levels 2) electrical
impedance 3) Connector, wiring types. Without going into high levels of detail, PC users
may or may not benefit from using a condenser microphone unless the above mentioned are
taken into account.

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