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Default Could my Harddrive be corrupt?

I've been trying to locate this problem for a little while now. I've been getting some error messages and i'm starting to lean towards the HD. First off when going to click on a file or link sometimes my mouse doesn't want to click. I've went into the mouse settings checked the click speed. I've put it at the slowest setting but still have to click over and over to get it to open and shut at times. Both my mouse and keyboard are wireless. Keyboard has no problems and there are new batterys in the mouse. Signal ratio is excellent.

2nd I have Office 2007 Enterprise. The first time I installed it went through no hitches. This was about 1 month ago. Then I was getting a error. So I decided to reformat. Upon reformatting I tried reinstalling Office after I installed SP2 and it would get almost finished then a error would come up saying it couldn't find a dll file. So I tried another reformat because I new the disc wasn't the problem. Then I reinstalled then Office went through. A week or so later I ran into the same error. So I reformatted again and havn't been
able to get office to install since then. I've tried reformatting about 10 times but it keeps saying it can't find some dll file.

3rd I've run chkdsk /f and it does find a error in the drive. But then it recovers the orphan file and boots back up.

Some posts have suggested the error I was getting was possibly bad ram. I've run memtest86 and havn't gotten any errors. My computer will run fine but it seems like when i'm playing a game it will freeze up. This is stock or overclocked. Then the error pops up after rebooting. This kind of leads me to believe when I'm playing a game if the HD is corrupt when the game trys to access a file and hangs up it crashs. Could this be the problem.

When I built this computer everything worked fine on it. I've been using the drivers that came with all my components and they worked great I had no problems. I think I started this when I was unhappy with the way I had things partioned that was the original reason for a reformat. Since then i've had problem after problem with the same error. So do you think I should get another HD to install XP on? I was thinking about getting probally a 160gb just for my OS and games. Then keep this drive for my audio/video files. Think this would take care of the problem?

In case your wondering its the WERbb39.dir00\Mini030607-02.dmp and WERbb39.dir00\sysdata.xml errors. I've been through this post the only comprehensive one I could find regarding the errors. I know for a fact it isn't the memory/drivers/temp's.

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Default Re: Could my Harddrive be corrupt?

Run the Seagate diagnostic, SeaTools. That'll tell you if some files are just corrupted, or the drive is bad.
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