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Default Corsair H50 Transport Issues?

Hey guys, I had a question about the Corsair H50 CPU Heatsink.

Okay, so it's a water cooling closed loop heatsink and i was wondering if this would cause any problems with transporting it in cold weater? Logically, that would be a yes since water freezes under 32 F (and i live in Illinois where after October it gets under that temp alot), but i was wondering if the heatsink is designed to not freeze or something like that. My dad drives a pick up, and usually when we are transporting me to school and back (a six hour drive, might I add), my computer will be in the back of the pick up carefully placed. I was wondering if this would cause problems with the H50 since I will be bringing it with me in cold weather and I was thinking about installing the Corsair H50 into it.

Can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Corsair H50 Transport Issues?

This is a question best directed at Corsair, because only they know the true formula of the cooling solution in the H50. That being said, I set out to see if the answer was out there on the net anywhere anyway, and I am not seeing much from repeated searches. It's probably a proprietary solution that they use, so EMailing them would be your best bet.

And to be honest, if it's THAT cold where you live, your PC shouldn't have any problem with standard air cooling.
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