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Default Corrupt hard drive

I have a hard drive that was inside a laptop that was dropped. I thought the hard drive was ok but a few days later the laptop wouldn't boot up. I bought a new laptop, caddy and extracted the HDD from the old laptop.

At first the disk wasn't showing up in windows explorer or in Disk Management. After trawling trough the internet and downloading a number of disk recovery software I managed to get the disk recognised and the folders showing on windows explorer. I am at the stage where I am trying to copy the folders under "users" to another drive as this is where the photos, videos music and documents are held. The issue is I have 2 profiles, both of which have passwords. When I go to copy the information, it comes up saying permission denied and to go to the security tab. I just managed to get in there, but it won't let me change any of the permissions.

Also when I click on properties on the 2 accounts, both say they have 0 folders and 0 bytes inside them. I am not sure if this is a security feature or if all the files inside these folders have been wiped.

I have used Remo recover which has shown me the folders but not the contents of the folders inside the profiles. It does not appear to be able to bring the folders with what's inside across to the new folders.

I can do screen shots if required, but please help


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Default Re: Corrupt hard drive

Since my last post, the drive is not allowing me to access it at all, and it comes up with an error, The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.

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Default Re: Corrupt hard drive

While the drive is attached to the laptop, go into Disk Management (Start > right-click on Computer > Manage > select Disk management on the left side). See if it can see the other drive/partitions. You may have to assign drive letters to get it to work with them.

If you can get them to show up in Computer, run CHKDSK on it/them. I would use a CMD prompt and run it as "CHKDSK /F /R /X D:" with "D:" being changed to whatever drive letter being used for the drive.

I had a situation almost identical yours and this was how I got the disk back up and running.
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Default Re: Corrupt hard drive

Never had the need to use /F or /X personally. The /R automatically renders the /F useless as /F is a lesser check.

CHKDSK /R should do the same job.
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