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Default copying dvd's

I have a sony viao(wireless)laptop.o/s xp
My kids have a dell dimension desktop.o/s xp

The trouble I have. is when I am burning dvd movie files from my laptop on to a dvd blank disc.The files burn on to the blank disc ok,but when my kids go to play them on their desktop via windows media player,they only get the sound and no picture.
I have used dvd-r & dvd+r discs without any success.

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Default Re: copying dvd's

Ok first make sure that you are usng the rght type of DVD's DVD-R s only work in a DVD-R drive etc. etc.
Is the drive on the Dell the same, DVD's should work in other drives but work best in the same type
And another thing, are you sure everythng is copied, a stupud question maybe, but we all make stupid mistakes, and I've had my fair share
errrrmm, there was something else but I cant remember it, hope that was of some use to you (probably wasnt)

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Ok the dvd's are being burned usuing a SONY DVD RW DW-D56A and I am trying to play them on a SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-308B

How do I know which dvd discs to use??????
dvd+r or dvd-r??????
I have tried both without any success.
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Default Re: copying dvd's

Hmm...it could be the Windows Media Player codec you are using on the videos you are trying to open.

i guess when you say burning a DVD disc, you mean copying data files and not a movie onto it?


If its a movie, it would have to be copied as a DVD using some software and not just copied onto the DVD player by dragging it on, It'd have to be set up, since it'd convert the movie to something called MPEG-2 to play on DVD players. In which case, use some software called Nero which you might have got with your DVD copier and select to make a DVD video or something along those lines.


In this case your not using the right codec to view, and your computer has a codec to de-compress the movies on disc that your other computer hasn't got.

What program are you using to make the movies to copy onto the disc? Try using a different codec in this case.

A codec by the way is a compression format which is burnt within the movie to compress it down to a smaller size, since a uncompressed movie wouldn't fit onto a DVD, which is why DVD 's in shops use a codec called MPEG-2 which is a high quality compressor, and to de-compress this data back to play it, the computer needs to support it in the first place.

Try using more standard windows codecs that the other computer shouldn't have a problem with

Hope this long list helps
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