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Exclamation Computer wont power on ... green light on main board comes on ... fans dont spin

Ok ... I have a reallly old computer (4-5 years old), and the only reason I havent upgraded is because it worked great, until a few months ago.

I have emachines 4250 with an Intel Celeron D 345 CPU running at 3.06Ghz (I think its in the Prescott family).

I clean the dust out often (every few months), but for the past 2/3 months, the fans have been getting louder, the computer has become a lot slower and found that my CPU is often close 70 degrees CELCIUS (NOT FARENHEIT). I measured the temp with loads of different programs to make sure the temp readings werent wrong (i.e. used Real Temp, CoreTemp, and the BIOS). I backed up all my files on a separate drive and formatted the entire drive then did a clean install of Windows XP) - but the computer was still slow.

So ... I opened up the computer, pushed the levers on the heatsink so it would come out, and the heatsink did come out, but I pulled out the CPU with it (I pulled quite hard so could something have gone wrong with the socket). A few of the pins got bent so I made them as straight as possible with a flat head screw driver.

I then put the CPU back in the slot, but when I now try to turn on the computer, the lights come on, but the fans dont spin and no display comes up on the monitor.

I thought there was a problem with the CPU, so I took out a 2Ghz Pentium CPU (was used but working) and put this in the slot, in case the problem was caused by the old CPU. But ... the computer gave me the same answer and wouldnt boot up or do anything.

If it helps, I have a 600W PSU, 512MB PCI graphics card, and 2GB RAM (this is the maximum for my motherboard and it was upgraded from 512MB). I also tried to boot the computer w/o the graphics card in case that was causing the problem, but it wasnt.

So ... WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER?!? I think the PSU still works since the motherboard's lights turn on and the blue light at the front of the computer turns on showing the computer is on, but none of the fans spin. Also, the motherboard has a 478 intel socket.

Need a helpful answer pls ... not one telling me to buy a new PC... (I have two laptops too, but I just dont feel like losing a good computer). If you need anymore details just ask...

(I'm not sure, but could it be that neither CPU's were working????)

Also, when I put the CPU into the socket, is the CPU supposed to somehow lock onto the socket (like it does in my laptops)?? When I put the 2Ghz Pentium CPU into the 478 socket, it fits perfectly (doesnt move about) but is the socket supposed to lock onto it? - since I did have to pull the heatsink out pretty hard before the CPU came out with it... (by the way, there is a small greyish lever sort of thing next to the socket, what is it???)

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Default Re: Computer wont power on ... green light on main board comes on ... fans dont spin


Dumb mistake... I found that the clip on the side of the socket moves up and down to lock/unlock the CPU into the socket. I just forgot to lock the CPU into the socket.

Computer is working fine now :s
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