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Default Computer Wacked out need advice.

Problem: Recently my PSU gave in on me and I bought a new one and put it in gave me some issues when I first installed it the computer would boot like it should just without display but with a little poking around I got it to work. After about a week 1/2 or so I was on a game I usually play Asheron's Call. The game froze got a blue screen so I restarted the computer it go to the point of detecting Array for my RAID 0 and it stayed at that screen few restarts did the same let it sit shutdown for about a minuted started it back up and it got to where it showed my NVIDIA RAID0 detected and it was blinking in RED not a good sign I would think. So I let it go shut it down went to bed got up in the morning turned it on every went fine from 9:30 till about 10:00 and froze up again this time no blue screen. Restarted the computer got to the point of detecting array for RAID did not move so I kept restarting it same thing but this time no blinking red NVIDIA RAID. But with some messing around I got it to stop make the 1long 3short beeps and the just 1 long beep to maken it do the single normal beep but now with no display seems to have booted but no display but the monitory did not show no input signal on the screen.

So here is my first question that may cut this short I just got a NEW PSU for the computer and sadly did I take notice to the Amps on it. Here is my old PSU amps and my new one.
3.3V 5V 12v
Old - 38A 40A 38A
New- 36A 30A 18A

Also the new PSU is OCZ GSX600

I found out my power supply is more then enough to run this computer. So I'm guessing either my mobo or cpu is going crazy on me. So with this said let me tell you a few more strange things that I have encounter since playing around.

The computer does not detect my Hard Drives on boot at all. Hence the reason for it not detecting RAID duh.

I have two sticks of 512 ram in my computer. When I take the one out of it the computer gives me faulty memory beep code. When I removed that one and put in the other one I get the same faulty memory beep code. But when I place both of them in It gives me no beep code but still same problem it does not detect the hard drives so it goes no where.

So with this all said do you all think it would be my mobo I should attempt to replace first or should I should build a new computer lol.


This is a post I had on another website that gave me absoultly no help to my problem.

Thanks again!

Ok I don't know what the the heck its doing now I just did some stuff removed RAID and put windows cd in to reformat this time It actually went through and had some weird partition on it that I removed not the one I made before. And I reformatted it and its now attempting to reinstall windows on god knows what hard drive. But before it attempted to install windows it did lock up at the ASUS load screen the first time then I just restarted it and it continues to install it......weiird lol.

Windows has finished installing and now it detects one of my hard drives.

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Default Re: Computer Wacked out need advice.

hmm that's a tough one. I think before people can really start to narrow things down it would help to post all of your computer specs first.

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Default Re: Computer Wacked out need advice.

Sounds like it could be a heat problem, what is your cooling setup?

Could be a bad motherboard also.
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