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Default Computer to TV odd issue...

So I've got a EVGA 260gtx black, it's in my Core 2 quad desktop.
The fan quit a few months back so, lol, I TAPED a sizable fan over the old one and plugged it in and the temps are about the same.
Regardless, I've got two screens connected to each port on the card. Recently, i've been pulling my main screen and inserting an HDMI to DVI adapter to watch movies and shows I have downloaded on my screen. Now each show/movie plays perfectly on each one of my screens. But once I connect my 50'' Panasonic Plasma it will work great for about 10 minutes and then turn black. By this point my other screen that is still connected is turned off by me. I'm in bed watching Top Gear and the damn thing turns black.
I figured that the computer went to sleep. Nope, That wasn't it.
Then I pulled the card and reseated it. Nope.
Then I used a different HDMI and adapter and that even wasn't the problem. Now i've actually run this exact setup on a different mobo. (Same card/TV) I used that combo about 2 years ago or whenever the 260 came out and it was fine.

For some reason it's acting up. My drivers are up to date and i'm a little baffled. Is my card overheating or something?? It's obnoxious watching on a damn 22'' when i'm all the way across the room.
Any ideas? Please don't automatically blame it on the jerry rigged fan? It pushes two screens without issue very often with various youtube and whatnot.... Both normal LCD's don't ever give me any trouble either.

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Default Re: Computer to TV odd issue...

Two screens at what resolution however? The mere fact that you're using a jury rigged setup means there's even more reason to suspect an overheating or overtemp issue. This is especially the case if you reboot the system and it works fine again for a bit.

Keep in mind also that you don't know how much the card was damaged by the fan dying. I had a video card that was like this once - the fan died and it continued to work fine for lower demand situations, but the minute I cranked up the resolution or started a game, the card would give out. Heat kills, it's time to either invest in an aftermarket heatsink or to buy a new video card.

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Default Re: Computer to TV odd issue...

What do you do to get the TV to come back on? What is happening on the other monitor (I know you said you've turned it off, but what if you leave it on)? What happens if you plug your other monitor back in? Has it worked since the fan quit? Did it work when the fan was working? Can you monitor the temps of the card while it's hooked up to your monitors and then while it's hooked up to the TV? It is quite possible the plasma is making the card work harder (with the extra resolution and stuff).
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Default Re: Computer to TV odd issue...

You said when you lie in bed and watch top gear that after 10mins it goes off.. so what happens if you was using the internet on your tv from your pc (not watching anything) does it go off then?

you see it sounds like the tv can't handle the refresh rate or your resolution

It could be the TV firmware also...

My laptop wouldn't connect to my TV once threw HDMI and vga.. but on the downstairs TV it worked great.. could be your TV mate , firmware ...
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