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Default Computer turns off at startup

My wife's work computer....
About a week ago, it started randomly shutting off on her. If she kept the task manager open though, it would not turn off. Then it just wouldn't boot up after putting in her password (wouldn't get to the desktop). My co-worker was the one who initially started troubleshooting it, and ended up putting a new HD on it. Now that there is a new HD on it, it wouldn't boot up passed the password again (but only after like 2 days it started doing this).

I'm on the task to troubleshoot now. I went through the initial "unplug a periphrial and boot up" procedures until I was left with nothing but the network connection (ethernet). I unplugged it, and it finally WORKS now (I'm on it right now).

The network connection starts with a script (since it is a government computer and government network). I'm guessing that something in this script is what is causing the messup, but I'm not sure.

System Specs:
Hewlett Packard (I know I know... its a work computer though)
Windows XP Pro
256 MB RAM (man that blows! lol)
20GB HD? (ugh)
1.8 GHz Intel Celeron

The things I have done so far:
- Virus scans / no viruses / passed
- Spyware scans / no spyware / passed
-Basic memory test using a startup disk / passed
-Changed hard drvie (fresh hard drive, but I didn't do this - it was a co-worker's troubleshooting results)
- Unplugged all periphrials (except keyboard, and replaced mouse with an analogue one) until I was left with just the ethernet cord.

I can plug the ethernet cable back in after bootup, but not if I have it in while bootup (it then starts the network scripts and then shuts down). The problem with this is that my wife needs to hook up to the government network to use some folders on it, so she just cant do that.

Since I'm guessing it is the network script that is bugging this thing out, how can I determine it is not a hardware issue?

I was guessing that it might have been the PSU, or the mobo, so how do I go about testing these? Anyone know any good tuts that you've followed easily? Also, anyone have any advice as to the network situation?

But basically my main concern is eliminating the hardware as the problem. My experience with computers is somewhat limited, but I built my own computer last year.
I have a volt meter, and a bunch of other tools (I'm here at work). Anyone have any advice?

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Default Re: Computer turns off at startup

Check into BIOS and disable all network functions in there. Some PC's have this "Wake on LAN" that disrupts with the logon script they implemented. I had a similar dealing at work, well not me, but the IT techs told me about it. It's a longshot but give it a try to see if it works or not.

Is this happening to other computers at her work? I think a fresh re-image of the drive will help too.
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