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Old 06-16-2005, 02:08 AM   #1
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Default Computer thinks its too slow

I'm running on a Dell Latitude D800 with an Intel Centrino 1.6Ghz processor. Windows XP pro installed.

A couple days ago my computer messed up, and my Windows XP partition was gone. I don't know what happened but when I popped in the WinXP CD, the partition it was on had a size of 33,000 mb and had 33,000 mb free. So crap, wtf? Anyways, I reinstall Windows, reload all my programs, and when I get to re-installing a game, World of Warcraft, it suddenly says, "Your computer fails to meet the minimum system requirements. Insufficient CPU Speed (learn more)". Now I know this is not possible because it didn't have that warning message before, unless there is something really messed up with my computer.

Can anyone help me out here? Or am I gonna be forced to toss this computer out and get a new one. And don't say something like, "Dell sucks you should get a new one anyways" because that is an opinion not related to the problem and is not welcome...

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Default Re: Computer thinks its too slow

Try installing drivers. Should either come in the box with the laptop, or you can maybe get it off the site. Running WoW on a 1.6 centrino... does it run really smoothly?

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Old 06-16-2005, 03:03 PM   #3
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Yea, I've installed all the drivers I need. But I installed WoW regardless of the warning, and it runs fairly smoothly with video settings turned down. I didn't have to do that before, but at least I can play now.
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Default Re: Computer thinks its too slow

Pretty weird your partition just suddenly went. It might be possible yu have a faulty hard drive which could go again at any time I'd advise to get a replacement.

Plus since the hard drive stores all the drivers and information as well, so this could be a link to the warning if its on its way out.

So yeah, get a new one, since that shows somethings definetly up with it, having it just go for no reason

I hope this helps
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