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Default Re: Computer Temperature Problems

Thanks for all the replies. At least now I have time to search for something. I hate it when it becomes an emergency.

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Default Re: Computer Temperature Problems

Have you changed anything driver wise in your machine lately? Or BIOS options (S1/S2/S3/S4 - sleep states?).

Setishock is right, for some reason, some machines just don't play nice. It's not always a motherboard issue though.

One thing you can try, if you desperately want to enable sleep (I do!), is go through the power options and change some "advanced power settings" on the "Change Plan Settings" page.

Things like PCI Express Link Power Management and the USB Suspend settings are notorious for causing an unresponsive machine once it's went to sleep.

If you want to see if that helps, disable these settings, put it to sleep, then see if it wakes up. If it does, you now know that it's something here that's causing it to hang. Put each one back to it's default setting, and repeat the test until you find the culprit. Then bingo - set the settings appropriately to prevent the hanging.

Btw, Hi all... was just passing through.

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