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Default Computer Ram

Hello, i was wondering if some1 could tell me what exactly does computer ram do to make your computer better. And i want better ram for performence in games and if it helps all the applications i have work faster at one time. Id have sometimes 7 different applications working. My ram is at 512 and i want to know if i can add a 1 gig on the extra slot without removing the first one so id have 1.5 gig of ram. Can i do that or do i have to buy a 512mb or id have to get a new one and remove my old one please some1 help me. Im pretty good with computers considering im 14 years but some stuff i still need help. Thx

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Default Re: Computer Ram

First off - the last sentence isn't needed We're here to help you with your problem, not tell you how amazing you are

Any currently open programs, games, etc, are held in the RAM while they are open. If there isn't enough RAM for them all to be put in the RAM, then they are put onto a space on the hard drive, which is much slower. Therefore, you want to have enough RAM for all your programs to be in the RAM.

Depending on your specs, adding an extra GB should be fine. However, if your motherboard can support Dual Channel RAM, then it would be better to add another 3 sticks of 512MB, preferably in a way so that you have 4 identical sticks of RAM, with the same timings and speeds made by the same manufacturer.

Any other questions, just ask.

If I help you, I welcome Reputation Points to show your thanks. I won't forget it!
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Default Re: Computer Ram

Ok i guess ill add 1 gb, my motherboard only has 2 slots. Thanks for your help. I guess ill stick to this forum.
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Default Re: Computer Ram

if the mobo supports dual channel then I'd just get 2x 1GB sticks. And ram basicly helps with everything, ur computer will be so much faster if u increase the ram by 1GB.

I went from 512mb to 2GB and the difference was huge.
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Default Re: Computer Ram

Yes, 1.5GB is existing, as 1.512GB RAM. The performance is noticeable. Also, RAM usually is vital in order for the PC to boot because Windows loads all the vital files to it. It will be faster access than the Hard drive.
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