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Default Computer problems, will this work?

ey guys, what's up? I'm new here to this forum so I would just like to say HI! just decided I would get some input on what I'm planning to do here. any input i will greatly appreciate, thanks for taking the time out to help me.

**I have a sony Vaio rs-530g - 3.2ghz, 512 mb ram, 120gb WD HD ati raedon 9200 128 mb graphics card.**
I have been having problems with random restarts, and blue screens and stuff. I have taken my computer to a repair shop and he tested my hardware and everything came back ok, and he did all the stuff with the software, and drivers and everything. But their is still a problem.. So he said it's either the power source or the mother board, and my power source is proprietary, so he said it would end up being cheaper for me to buy a motherboard, and power supply and change out the case. I have been wanting to build a computer for a while now anyways so I'm going to do it, despite the price. I'm going to use a new foxconn mother board, 965 chipset... and a new foxconn case with power supply.. I am going to install my processor, cd/dvd drives, my graphics card, and my ram into the new onn from my vaio, and install a brand new copy of windows with sp2... do you guys think this will work? Also what if i do all this and the problem is still there?? (although I dont see how because the stuff im taking out checked out perfectly fine, memtest36 also says my ram is ok) I'm just basically looking for a helping hand here, because i'm not that good with computers and would just like to know what I would do after all this if the problem was still there.... and if all this stuff is compatable and will work with a foxconn 865 series motherboard, thanks in advance

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Default Re: Computer problems, will this work?

It should be fine.Although you might want to look at some new wiring too as sony has used some proprietary connectors on their mobos. But since you are planning on buying a new M$ xp pro install disc. Try to reformat that one and see if it is just the OS that is messed up. You can install it but not activate it and check it out. if it is still an issue then swap it all out and you will be in great shape.
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