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Default Computer problems with 2 computers

Alright, so i have 2 computers im having trouble with. Im trying to get a second computer sitting in my room just as an internet surfing and possibly light games that dont require much memory or intensity in the graphics card situation.

The one im using right now is fine...
AMD 3000+ Athlon Processor
1 gig ram
80 gb hd
Dual 6600 Nvidia GT's
New asus motherboard supporting sli mode

The ones im trying to get to work are...
1.3 ghz
40 gb hd
128 ram
standard graphics card

Hewlett Packard:
2.16 ghz
512 ram
160 gb hd
Standard graphics card but i also have a radeon 9800 pro

Problems: With the eMachine i have it setup next to this computer and i totally system restored it...well i installed diablo2 and the expansion and when you try downloading something online or when you run diablo2 at random times the computer will just shut down...not sure what to do this eMachine is quite old...what could be wrong and how much would it cost to repair.

Problems: With the HP i have a problem where i can not system restore it, or delete graphics card patches *i forget what they are called there is a name for their updates* I was told to erase current ones and download new ones from the site for the radeon 9800 pro or just system restore. Well when i try running a program on my HP with anything graphical it says something about can not open open GL.....Help with either of these computers or the price it would cost to repair one or both of them would be wonderful!

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Default Re: Computer problems with 2 computers

eMachine: temp gettin too high/ insufficient memory
most prebuilt machines are programmed to shut off if the heat is too much or you don't have enough cpu/memory power to avoid damage/ overheating, and games are one of the things that use the most memory
Solution- Buy more fans/memory

HP: Probably a corrupt file
Easiest Solution- reformat windows

hope that helped!
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