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Default Computer Problem

Hey guys when i play Sc2 my Framerate per second (Fps) is like 30 at the beginning of a game but goes down lower as i play throughout the game. I've learned to deal with it. But recently my computer has been able to play on higher graphic settings and plays at over 60fps the whole game which rocked and i was playing VERY good beating players way higher than my skill level so of course i was beaming but one day i sign on and its back to its 30 fps terrible self. Now that i've experienced this great Fps i don't even want to play on it but if i could get my Fps back to 60 it'd be great. So i ask you why does it drop like that all of a sudden. Btw I'm on a Dell Xps laptop. Please if you know its my Graphics card my, motherboard Programs maybe virus please tell me Thanks so much in advance. This also happens on big programs and other games

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Default Re: Computer Problem

You can run a virus scan if you want... I would suggest Malwarebytes.

It's a laptop, at the beggining of your post I would have suggested it was overheating. I see that it ran at 60 FPS later. That would suggest you play your laptop all day every day... then suddenly you left it off for two days, picked it back up and played all day every day again. Download HW Monitor. Look at the temperatures of everything before you start the game. After it goes from 30fps to 20fps look at it again. See if the temperatures are lower.

If you have a green light, but you see a car out of the corner of your eye run the red, you're going to stop.

You don't want to crash into the other car. The pieces of hardware don't want to overheat. Best I can tell you is the performance of the card decreases while heat increases.

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Default Re: Computer Problem

you should run a virus scan i like to suggest avira
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