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Default Computer problem

My wifes laptop has been freezing on her for a few months but not very often maybe a few times a week. This morning she was using it and it froze. She restarted it and logged in and then it froze right away. Right now we restarted it in safe mode and it has not froze. Here are the specs:

It is an HP Pavilion DV6000. It has 32bit Vista. AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Technology, TL-50 1.61GHz. It has 1gig ram, Nividia GeForce Go 6150 video card, she has a 120Gig drive with 20gig free.

She uses the computer mainly for surfing the internet and she rarely downloads anything. She does play a few games including Eve Online. Does not use Norton but uses AVG for virus protection.

Is this an over heating problem or something worse and what can we do to stop the freezing? Thanks.

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Default Re: Computer problem

It does sound like it could be an overheating problem.

How do I clean my laptop?
Cleaning case openings

If dust, dirt, hair, or other substances are in the case openings, it can prevent air from getting into or out of the laptop. This can cause the overall heat of the laptop to increase, and in some cases may also cause such issues as random reboots.

Look for laptop openings where the laptop draws in cool air from outside or blows out any hot air from the inside of the laptop. These openings are usually on one of the sides, the back, or the bottom of the laptop. Dust, dirt, hair, or other substances can almost always be removed easily using a cotton swab and/or compressed air.

Warning: If you're using compressed air to clean the openings that have fans within them, it's possible that the amount of air blown on the fans can cause them to over spin, damaging or destroying the fan. To help prevent this issue, place something in-between the fan blades, such as a toothpick.
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