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Default Computer monitor (video card) wont wake up?

Heres the deal. The other day I went into my setting and told the computer to start shutting down my monitor after 30 min. As soon as I woke up the next morning I went to move my mouse and the computer wouldnt wake up. I pressed the keyboard and all to and nothing would happen (the monitor remained black and saying "no video". I actually turned my computer completly off and rebooted, but the monitor still didnt show anything. I could here windows boot music in the speakers but never could get the monitor to show anything. Well, I got a new computer (not because the problem) and completly forgot about my problem i was having. Well, my computer did the same thing last night and I couldnt get the monitor to show anything. I even rebooted and got nothing. I finally shut the computer down and waited several hours. Then when I turned it back on the monitor "worked". I know its not a monitor issue so Im not worried about that. But does anyone have any idea what is happening. I am using the same video card that was out of my old computer (nvidia fx5900xt). Im running windows xp on a athlon xp 3200 with 1 gig of pc3200 ram. 450watt power supply, and am not pushing the supply. Any ideas? its almost like the video card wont wake up when I tell the computer to do so, Even after a reboot!

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Default Re: Computer monitor (video card) wont wake up?

How can you be sure it's not a monitor issue? You tried a different one?

If you got a different monitor with your new PC and you get the same problems, it'll be the FX5900 that's playing up. It's an old card anyway, sounds to me like you're maybe due an upgrade.
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