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Default Computer Identification

This could go here or under networking i guess, so if this is the wrong spot i'd appreciate it if an ADMIN would kindly move it.

Anyways, I recently joined the computer club, and were running some tests on the school computers. Often for the changes we make to take effect the computers need to be restarted. Since the vasts majority of computers in the school use windows xp, the remote reboot tool through the cmd prompt is ideal. For those of you not familiar with the command its:

shutdown - [whole bunch of options you can choose] \\ computername
then a whole bunch of different options you can choose. Now all the commands are run through a remote interface called junker which can be accessed on any computer, which then accesses the server. Junker was created by the computer club, so although its been perfected over the years, it still has it's flaws. Such as we can't bring up the gui option. So im trying to find out if theres a way to browse a listing of all the computer names, or even users logged on (i can check which users are logged onto which computer names so either will work), to the network. Prefferably through the cmd prompt.

Karma/rep is always appreciated
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Default Re: Computer Identification

I dont think that is possible....but im not the one to say, i dont know much about cmd prompt....but, i know that is accessable through all ADMIN programs to creat login/registering usernames and such..like novell, and webclient..
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