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Default Is this computer good for gaming/recording?

HP - Refurbished Compaq Desktop - 4GB Memory - 400GB Hard Drive - hpdc7900e840004
I am aware that I can build a computer, but I don't have enough money.
P.S: I know the GPU isn't good, but I have another one. (Radeon 6670)

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Default Re: Is this computer good for gaming/recording?

The CPU should be ok. The amount of Ram is really on the low side for recording and these OEM motherboards/cases don't usually allow for much expansion.

From experience with these kind of low profile systems due to i used to get them off a friend like they were going out of fashion (They were actually Dells. But same size and specs roughly) and i would software them and pass on to family and friends. You will need a low profile graphics card to fit in them. And then you have to watch for the PSU being under spec for anything more than what the system comes with.

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Default Re: Is this computer good for gaming/recording?

You could also probably get this system cheaper off the 'egg but if you're buying locally then best buy is the place to do it at. The specs look good for an entry level game system. You will need to get a low profile 6670, they are a little more expensive then the full size, but they should run off of the stock power supply.

I had a DC7600, with a pentium D, you will need to dust these systems out fairly often or they will get REALLY hot. Its recommended you get a small molex fan and put it in the back of the case to push out hot air, these systems are BTX form factor and usually only have (a) intake fan(s) to pull air over the cpu.

You should be able to upgrade to 8gb if you want but that could be expensive depending on how many ram sticks they used in the board(mine had 4 outfitted with 2x256mb, so upgrading to 2 + 1/2 gigs was not a big deal).
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