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Old 07-04-2009, 10:32 AM   #1
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Default computer crashing-really need help!

I'm not very knowledgeable about computers. Mine has been crashing and been much unusable lately, and I really need help.

I have:
core 2 dual 6600 @ 2.4ghz
2 nvidia 7900 gs cards
2gb ddr2 RAM

It was running well and the crashing started suddenly. I don't remember having installed any new drivers/apps or changed any major components. Hardware wise, everything was the same. It seems to be a combination of errors and crashing, and I seem to get a couple scenarios (I don't know what causes which to happen):

1-the screen freezes and the computer locks up, audio loops itself like a broken record
2-applications freeze (toolbars, windows, everything except my mouse which eventually freezes too), audio cuts off, and further action eventually causes EVERYthing to lockup and the computer lets out 1 continuous beep (goes on forever)
3-out of nowhere (usually after 5 minutes of bootup/logon without me running any additional apps) screen dies, blue screen of death with "IQRL not less or equal"
all three require me to hit the power button. I can't even use the computer anymore.

I swapped out ram with new sticks that I know work and tried different arrangements. I updated to latest nvidia drivers; I also uninstalled the old ones and reinstalled the new drivers (was i supposed to?). Coretemp is telling me my temperatures are 27C and 27C, and all my fans are spinning properly.
I don't know if this helps, but PF Usage in task manager is 200-250mb most of the time, and cpu and rest seems normal. I left my computer running idle all last night with no problems, but when I ran firefox and a game this morning it crashed again. It seems most unstable when I USE the computer
I also ran AVG2008, adaware, spybot, and a couple other but found no virus/malware other than cookies.
Computer runs fine in safe mode (doing this in safe mode right now) and (usually fine) in normal idle conditions. It feels like it's overloading with menial tasks when I run in normal mode.

What seems to be the problem (how can I check)?
What does the long continuous beep mean?
How can I find what's broken?

Ahh please help! Thank you!

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Old 07-04-2009, 11:01 AM   #2
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Default Re: computer crashing-really need help!

hmmm. you say one long beep?

is it your motherboard, or u gpu thats beeping?

i had the same problem (minus the beeping). it was probably because some files in vista got corrupted

i just reformatted my hd and reinstalled vista and everything was fine

but one long continuous beep usually indicates memory error

it may be different, consult ur motherboard manual to find out

but since its beeping after u bsod, im suspecting it's a virus your antiviral software hasn't found, or there is an actual hardware malfunction

i suggest a clean installation of windows/os

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Default Re: computer crashing-really need help!

If your computer is working for just a few minutes after a cold boot it almost sounds like overheating. You might try unplugging the computer power cord for safety, then checking to make sure your CPU heatsink is mounted properly. It's kind of a long shot but it's not that hard to check.
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Default Re: computer crashing-really need help!

A single continuous beep often indicates a video card problem. Make sure it's fully seated and that any power cords are attached. You could even try removing and reinstalling them as that can help "clean" the contacts. Try running with one card at a time to single out a bad video card.
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Default Re: computer crashing-really need help!

What make and model board are you running there? The specifications should show which bios is used like Phoenix- Award, AMI, other.

Generally a loong beep followed by two short beeps will point to a bad video card. A continuous beeping is usually cpu or memory. With memory ruled out you will want to start looking over cpu and other temps to see what those are.
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