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Old 05-26-2004, 12:11 PM   #1
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Question Computer Connections

I am new to this Forum...I would like some direction/advice and some answers:

Can a monitor be simoultaneously be used by two computers, like in Word, where you can use two windows? If so, what type of cord/connection can be used?

Is is possible to send information from my Compaq Pressario, 5000-OS, XP 2000 to my HP 6645C-OS, 98 Windows? If so, how do I do this? What cord/cables do I need???

Thank you, in advance, from those who have much more expertise, than myself.

Ken Fennal
Special K

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Answer to your first questions is YES.

This is called a KVM. It stands for Keyboard, Video and Mouse. This is what I use to control my server. Since I have my game server running I really don't need to a monitor all the time. So when I need it I just HOT KEY and the KVM switches from my regular CPU to my Server. I use my same Keyboard, Video and Mouse for both units.

The second question has many answers, but the most important answer is YES. There is every method under the sun to do this. From diskettes and CDW to USB Cross-over cables and same networks using CAT5 cabling. Take your pick. Anything that involves a small network does take a bit of know-how in order to accomplish this task.

BTW...KVMs are much better then they were just a couple of years ago and you don't need a powered one to work correctly these days like you did in the past.

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Old 06-02-2004, 09:15 AM   #3
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Thank you, for your response, which is appreciated. Can you elaborate, as is I know nothing about computers. This will help me understand, exactly, what you are explaining, and help me understand the terminology.

I went to "Staples" and Best Buy, and they really weren't helpful, and I bought an ethernet cable, and Compact USB network adapter and Flash Drive, and together, they are not helping.

Walk me through the steps and tools, please, if you don't mind. Thanks.

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Old 06-03-2004, 11:12 AM   #4
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OK. Heres your second problem in a nutshell...

(I'm not sure what you've got already but it may not be needed) I will try and use noob terms for you aswell

1. Go to start menu - control panel - system - hardware tab - device manager and look under "network adapters" (if there is one) for "network cards" on each of your computers.

2. Buy network cards from staples/pc world, etc. (dont let the shop keeper fool you into buying something costing £100 you should be able to get them less than £20.

3. Install them with correct drivers.

4. Get hold of some "CAT5" cable, or network cable, (same thing).

5. plug it into the network cards.

6. go into control panel - system - network identification (or something similar) on each computer and make sure they are both joining a "workgroup" named "workgroup"

7. you have two choices here, (i use windows 2000 so it may be different for you but ill try)
go into "my computer" and right click the hard drive (C, and click properties, go to the "sharing" tab and click share the drive or something similar.

8. Now... through "network neighborhood" the other computer should be able to access the hard drive in that computer. you can repeat for the other computer if necessary.

Urgh alot of typing... Hope that helps tell me if you have any problems/dont understand something.

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Default Re: Computer Connections

Hi Ken,

Just wanted to say hello!

Jim Hirschhorn
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