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Default computer

hi I was looking to build a computer for $300. mainly just for browsing the internet, listening to music and very little gaming. If you have any suggestions on what i should get could you please post them. thanks

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Default Re: computer

anything is possible, firts thought i would advice making a more personal subject as "computer" is very vauge and therefore people may not read this thread.

all you need for a computer to be functional is this.
-mother board
-ram (prlly over 256mb and even more to play games)
-hard drive (around 80gb to play games you could get away with 40 or even 20 but 80 is about what you should have)
-video card (can be very expensive if you want to play high graphics games like HL2 or battle field or even Sims 2)
-Monitor (slef explainitory but i hate to say these cost about 150-thousands of dollars, you could get one for 120$ but again if you are intereested in playing games you are not going to want to go the cheep route)
-Power supply (this when pcik should come last they aren't expensive but if 300$ is your budget they might be, some cases come with power supplies (or PSU's) so also lok out for that
-CPU or central processing unit (these are small but it is basicly the computer you need one and for games you prlly want 3400+ or 3200+ but they do get expensive)
-speakers (personal prefence)
-*sound card (may already be on the motherboard)
-lasstly a case to put all the above goodies into...

in realality you prlly wnot be able to BUILD a comptuer for 300 (even with tax and warrenties which i suggest). but you could prlly by an inexpensive package from dell or somtihing that is around 500-ish.

goto www.newegg.com to see the computer parts prices and get and idea for what you need. the above i mentioned is what you need but you dont have to get those speifications. but what ever you do be sure to post here first andj verify if its a good deal people here are very nice and helpful. i hhoped this helped a little.

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Default Re: computer

Any CPU at all will do really, unless you come across an old chip, but really, you'll probably find a Sempron, which will suffice.

Try get 512MB, but 256MB will probably do you.

I can't really think of anywhere that does PC's like this. Maybe on www.hp.com you could customize one for your price.
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Default Re: computer

if anything ask marxsoccer lol he knows he actually did it lol. ummm wat kind of gaming can u name some?
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Default Re: computer

Wow!! Only $300? I can probably find you some really basic parts. It will let you play music and such because it's as basic as you can get. Like alblil said, it may be better to just get a complete system from Dell because they offer complete systems for such a low, low price and they are reputable too. I think they're lowest priced system goes for like $499 not including shipping and handling. Did you just want the computer part? Here's some parts anyways:

The total price is like $313.28 including shipping, but not taxes. Keep in mind this is a budget system:

ECS 755-A2 v1.0 Socket 754 SiS 755 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

AMD Sempron 64 2500+ Palermo 800MHz FSB 256KB L2 Cache Socket 754 Processor - Retail

REFURBISHED: Leadtek PX6200TC Geforce 6200TC Supporting 128MB 32-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card - OEM

mushkin SP3200 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) System Memory - Retail

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 6K040L0 40GB 7200 RPM 2MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA133 Hard Drive - OEM

Rosewill R114A-SLV Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 400W Power Supply - Retail

The case looks nice. It will do what you mentioned above. It's the most basic you can get for the price.
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Default Re: computer

Well, my story. As of now I have 2 mobo's, each with a processor and either a heatsink or fan. One is an AMD 800mhz, the other an Intel Pentium 533mhz. One good thing to do, is just ask around. Other than that, check the For Sale/Trade forum frequently, and maybe ebay. I'm looking for a case psu and hdd right now. Depending on how old you are, if you go to school, go talk to a technology person, ask if they have any old parts laying around unused. They will probably say there outdated, well that's for them. You won't need to build a computer to the standards a school would. I might have just caught a break, a friend of mine's computer just crashed, hey if there going to junk it, take it off of there hands and salvage it. Other than that, if there's a couple thing's you would like decent, try www.newegg.com or www.tigerdirect.com and you can always google for "cheap computer parts" or something of that sort, and you will get loads and loads of sites. Get back to me if you need anything else!
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Default Re: computer

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Default Re: computer

ok thanks everyone....i noticed on the motherboard does not have PCI express which the videocard that TRDCorolla picked out. If anyone knows of a good videocard that uses AGP 4x/8x could you please post it

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