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Default Completely Baffled by CPU discrepency

BLUF: A T7700 CPU works in the recently purchased ebay D830, but the T9500 from my old D830 does not. I have updated to Dell's latest BIOS, A16, from A05. The T9500 works just fine and even passes the bios' testing program without any errors. When it goes back into the old laptop, it works like a champ. Back into the new D830 again, and no dice. I turn the laptop on, the indicator lights start for about 3-5 seconds and there's the standard audible high pitch, but then it just powers down. I cannot understand why when taken from one D830 and installed in the other it causes this issue.

More detail:

My old D830, "#1," crashed and it seems that the motherboard is fried. I purchased an Ebay D830 without realizing that D830s came with 3 different graphics cards. I wanted another one with the Nvidia 140M, like #1. It's a business class GPU that's actually part of the motherboard, but unfortunately I ordered one, "#2," with just the basic intel card that had 0 dedicated vid memory. I swapped all my parts from #1 into #2, because my original D830 had all the top parts: Ram (4GB), CPU (T9500), wireless card, 1920x1200 screen, and #2 ran wonderfully!

Still, I wasn't happy with the lack of video memory as I wanted to be able to watch high def vid and even edit simple video when I travel as I rarely take my M17x along. So, I reordered another D830 (#3), making sure to verify the 140M GPU, and I received it last night. I anxiously swapped all the parts over from #2 into #3, and it wouldn't fire up. Nervous that I made a costly mistake, I swapped all of the parts back into #2 and was happy to see it still worked without issue. I reinstalled #3's original parts, and it too fired up without a problem. I noticed that its BIOS was only version A05, and I was convinced that since #2's BIOS was A12, I'd found the problem. So, I updated the BIOS in #3 from A05 to A16, Dell's latest and greatest, and successfully fired it up with the parts that came with #3.

Well, I just finished swapping in the good components from #2 again, and I was completely baffled when it refused to start. To me, the T7700 and T9500 are in the same family of chip (Peryn), and the motherboard should be compatible. I need some tech help.

How is this possible? The T9500 worked like a charm in both my first D830 which has the motherboard with the Nvidia 140M GPU, and the intel GPU, but when installed into #3, it completely fails to boot or even show the initial dell screen.

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Default Re: Completely Baffled by CPU discrepency

Ok, I was just retarded the last time I put everything together. I didn't lock the PCU in. After doing that, it fired up without issue! Yay!
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