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Question Compatibility: 64bit CPU + 32bit Data?

I'm having trouble upgrading my PC.
I have 2 drives, one bought 5 years ago and one recently, and i would like to keep the data on both of them. I have upgraded my motherboard and processor with the intention of keeping the data on both drives, and using my already-installed version of Windows. However, when i start up, with just the master drive plugged in, the computer asks me to "insert boot media in selected boot drive," although it recognises the drive is at least physically there.

I don't know all that much about BIOS, so I haven't followed any of the instructions in my motherboard manual, uncertain of what to try.
I have also been told that because my data is 32-bit, and i am updating to a 64-bit processor, the data is incompatible, and i would have to format my drives before being able to use them with the new processor.

I'm not really expecting my problem to be solved here, I'm just looking for a direction to investigate.. cos i am stuck at the moment. Thanks in Advance for any replies.

New Processor: Athlon 64 3000+
New Motherboard: Asus A8V Deluxe

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Default Re: Compatibility: 64bit CPU + 32bit Data?

I just skimmed over it, but whoever told you 32bit data not being compatable with 64bit processors is full of shit. I'd say well over half of the people here have 64bit processors and run 32bit operating systems. I am included in this bunch. Also, I have a laptop with a plain ol' 32bit Sempron in it, and I run things on both systems all the time.

Now, if you run XP X64(or whatever it was) you might run into some problems with programes, but documents and such shouldn't be a problem...
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