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Default Compaq Presario 1600 problems

I have a few problems I need help with.

1 I have a problem with the floppy drive. I do not use it, but it makes a rattling noise and the screen reads that there is an error. I just want to stiop it. Any help?

2. I inherited this computer and when I boot it, it asks for the password of some former owner who I can't get ahold . Any way to get around the password?

3. After 5 minutes it shuts off. Any help?

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Default Re: Compaq Presario 1600 problems

the rattling is probably a loose screw/ broken washer most likely due to a lot of movement/ falls. You always can remove the floppy drive and see if the rattling stops and if it is in the drive. As for the pasword im not so sure, but if it shuts off after a little, see if it blowing out hot air, the fan might be damaged and not heating propperly so the laptop shuts down if it gets too hot

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Default Re: Compaq Presario 1600 problems

Floppy drive, you can just unplug the power cable from it if you no longer need it. There are two cables attacked to it, the smaller one is the power cable.

Now, the password issue. I'm assuming that's in the BIOS and is before Windows begins to load up. You can attempt to reset the BIOS by removing the battery from the board or locating the reset pins.
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