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Default compaq laptop

Hi there I have a Compaq armada m700 laptop .i have had this laptop for quite some time now and it has performed well I quite a few tasks , I am providing a basic spec if you would like to know more I will email you a detailed spec list .

The spec is as follows ,
Pentinum 3-600mhz processor
Ati rg mobility graphics 8MB
256MB ram
40GB hard drive

I have four questions
It would probably help if you have owned this model of laptop as I have already looked on forums and the internet for answers

1)does anybody know if there is a limit either by the bios or motherboard to the size of hard drive I can put in this laptop, ie could I load the caddy with a 120GB hard drive

2)can anybody who either has owned or does own one of these laptops know what the maximum amount of ram I can put in the banks as I have done some searching on the internet and I get some websites saying it is 512 and others telling me I can only put 358mb of ram in the laptop

3)I have a pointing stick model and would like to know if there are anyplace’s apart from hp direct which sell replacement pointing sticks at an affordable Price.

4)does anyone know where I could get an internal cd or DVD writer for this laptop

Again if you would like anymore information please ask and I will send by email, where possible.

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Default Re: compaq laptop

1) There shouldn't be any limit, and 120GB should be fine, just make sure it's the right hard drive for the computer.

2) To upgrade the RAM, you could one of these 2 models. It will be compatible with your laptop.


3) By pointing stick, you you mean stylus? As in the thing you tap the screen with? If so, look here:

4) As for the CD/DVD burner, I really don't know. Since this is a pretty old computer, there might not be a burner that fits it.

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Default Re: compaq laptop

thanks for the advice ,

by pointing stick i mean the small black dod in between the G,H and E key on the keyboard,it controls the mouse, is like a little joystick, i think ibm use then on some thinkpad models

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