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Default colour setting problem

I am having some strange problems with the colour settings on my pc.
I've just installed win xp sp2 on a new hard drive and with it the nvidia drivers (178.24) for my geforce 7700 card. The problem that I have and always had with the nvidia control panel was finding the right settings for desktop work, films and games.
To watch films my software of choice for several years has been ZoomPlayer and with it I've installed 2 sets of codec, xvid and Lazy man's MKV for matrioska files. To tweak games colour settings I use Asus OSD

Despite trying for several days to tweak the nvidia control panel I could not find the right settings for everything, sometimes the videos were too bright with white colour being washed out or sometimes the contrast were too dark, or the games were too dark to play. While I was in the middle of all this i noticed what appeared to be a second set of colour settings, different from the ones from the nvidia control panel. The first time it happened it was while playing a video with zooplayer, the screen went completely black. Now I have these two colour setting co-existing in my pc and they seem to overlap each other with different applications.

When I play a video file with windows mediaplayer it looks too brigth but with zoomplayer it looks darker, the exact same video file.
With games it is even stranger, as the game (Fallout 3) starts to load it has a brighter setting but as soon as I click on it eveything changes as if a different setting had become active and the screen becomes darker and therefore I use Asus OSD to compensate but as you can imagine the result is a bit of a mess with gamma and contrast too high just to be able to see.

What I don't understand is why there are two different settings active on my pc, one has to be from the nvidia control panel, but where is the other one from? Could it be zoomplayer?

Another problem with zoomplayer, which I do not know if it is related, is that quite often while I play MKV (matrioska) files Zoom crashes.

I'm not sure on what to do, everything looks pretty bad and it hurts my eyes, I'm looking for some help to deal with this headache


Does changing the video settings under nvidia control panel also affect games?

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Default Re: colour setting problem

What resolution is you monitor set for?
I would use windows to set your color.

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Default Re: colour setting problem

it's 1024x768 and how do i use windows to do that?
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Default Re: colour setting problem

I would think that you would tweak the color settings through the programs you're using to view the videos. As for game colors, those would be best handled in the game options.
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