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Default Code Manipulation

First I want to start by saying, as clearly as I can, I DO NOT WANT ANYBODY TO REPLY TO THIS POST ON THIS BOARD!! Very important. My email is stuckinthecave@gmail.com. I was running a basic, free forum for anti-prohibition. Everything was going fine, no huge problems, and all of a sudden a group called EPAD started spewing profanities, spamming the board, and theatening to shut the board down. So I politely told them to go to hell and banned them, erased all the spammed messages, and went on my marry way. Well the next day I come back, and every post is gone. None are left except one from one of the EPAD members saying he'd used code manipulation to wipe the boards clean. Now, a couple questions.

1) I banned his IP, how is he back?

2) How did he wipe the boards clean, or did he do something worse? There are no moderators, and my password is changed daily (16 random characters, numbers, and symbols).

3) What code did he use (this is why I don't want a response on the board, and I fear this will get deleted, I swear this will not be used maliciously), so I can add it to the filter keywords?

I thank you for your troubles.

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Default Re: Code Manipulation

you might have the best luck reporting him to the fbi, no joke. hacking is not taken lightly anymore, and he will face serious charges. I say might because this is small and insignificant in their eyes, but it is worth a shot.

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Default Re: Code Manipulation

Okay first off its pretty dumb to put a thread up on a discussion forum then tell us you don't want us to reply.

1 IP blocks are so easy to get around all you need is to log onto a 3rd party server and use there IP. IE ~ http://www.anonymizer.com/ http://www.megaproxy.com/

2 They could of hacked your account and used your account to bring the site down.
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