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Default Cd Labeller.

Right. I have been downloading and burning dvds for a while. All i have been doing is getting normal dvd -r discs, burning off and just writing the film in black marker, nothing fancy.
Now i have come to the stage were i want to put a cover on the dvd disc. I dont have any idea what so ever what i need to purchase in order to do this. I only know of 2 methods.

Getting a printer, some of the peel paper with the disc peel and one of the plastic compressor things. Then just print of the disc image, peel and compress onto disc.

The other method i know jack all about but its like an external dvd rw drive but can print onto the disc aswell. Know nothing about it what so ever, so any help would be great.

I would like to know, what printer i would need to make the discs look good, what type of paper and what compressor thing.
And can they be printed onto any disc ?

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Default Re: Cd Labeller.

Well the CD labelling kits you are talking about you can buy readily at just about any store. I have one from Memorex for example. It comes with cd labels to print out, it comes with software, and one of those applicator tools to put the labels on the cd's. You can print anything you want on the labels. An inkjet printer will work just fine for it and any brand of cd labelling kit will work just fine.

The cd drive you are talking about is a Lightscribe drive. What it does is basically when you are done burning the disc, you flip it over and put it back in the drive and it prints the label on the top of the cd for you. You have to have special cd's for this though.

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Default Re: Cd Labeller.

This is a great site to download the original labels for printing.

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