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Default CD Burner

I know this may sound silly to most on here, but I am new to the CD drives and need your help. I installed a Internal CD-RW Drive. I saved some data from Excel on a CD-RW disc. I added items to the Excel spreadsheet and went to save it again on the same disc. I received a message that said I counld not save the data since it was Read only. Is the Read or Write capability of a CD determined when it is formatted? I am stumped as to how to get the data saved. Any help would be appreciated and Please do not laugh too hard. Thanks.

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Default Re: CD Burner

A cdrw disc can be burned once then when you want to save something else to it you basically write over the whole disc again.

by the way it sounds like you are trying to save directly from excel onto the disc. you must save the file in my doccuments or something then find it, right click and send to cdrw drive. then a box will appear asking if you want to burn files to a disc.

remember that ifyou re burn the disc you will loose whats allready on there

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What Burning program do you use?
I use Nero Burning Rom, if you have CD-RW, you could create a multisession, so you'll be able to add files on already burned CD.
If there is no multissesion you have to format your CDRW and burn again.
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Default Re: CD Burner

I don't think you can save your data that way like a floppy or flash memory can. You'll have to burn the whole document over to the CD again instead of modifying the original document. In my opinion, CDs are good for mass storage, but not homework, lol. I use my thumb drive or SD card. I've got one of those built in flash memory readers than can read pretty much any type of flash memory available. So neat to have. I can get pictures directly off of my digital camera without using the USB data transfer, or get access to the PDA without using the cradle.
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Default Re: CD Burner

You can use it in open (multi)session without closing the disc...but you can't change the information on the disc once it is placed there.

Think of open session as the same as a audio(music) cd where it has different tracs for each song...you would install one trac and then you would install a different item to a different trac. Now you need to change the first item on the first trac you would transfer it to the original program that you used to create it and change or add to it or what ever...but when you go to place it back on the disc it has to go into another empty trac.

The best way for this type of storage is as TRDCorolla says...to use a flash drive.. In a flash drive the information can be changed and modified to whatever needs to be done... These can be bought in various sizes from 128mb to like 5 gigs or more and are used through the USB port...
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Thanks for all the good information. I did not know CD's worked that way, learn something new every day. I save the information as a backup and wanted to start saving it every night after I lost my hard drive a few weeks ago and had to recreate about a month of data. The information in excel changes daily so maybe the best way to go is with the flash card, I never even thought about that. Thanks again and take care.

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