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Question Case?

Planning on getting a new case/glass door for my computer.

is there a site or someone that i can get a glass/clear door for my cpu?
if not i can get a case.

questions for someone who has put a prebuilt comp into a new case:
are all cases compatible with any computer/motherboard?
the case i see have slots cut out for usb, firewire, ps2 expansion etc, will any motherboard fit into these slots im not sure of what motherboard i have its oem with the comp its an acer ast135-us3303 midtower it got 2x 5.25 slots and 2x3.5 slot and 4 internal 3.5's. ill open the comp and see if theres any thing that might be a model # of the motherboard.

All I saw was k8vm800-rh in big letters.

the board was mostly blue, not green if that will help identify any. i will add another post with pics

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Default Re: Case?

well.. yes all atx mid towers and full towers should be able to fit any motherboard. microatx included. um, as for the motherboard, when the cases come they will have a random cut out that most likely will not fit your motherboard. motherboards usually come with the frame specific to that motherboard and you have to fit it in yourself (it's pretty easy just push it right in). since you have a prebuilt computer from acer, just pop out the frame and stick it into the new computer. you can find tons of computer cases at newegg.com and zipzoomfly.com. they're both reliable sites, you can trust them.

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Default Re: Case?

Most cases are designed to fit a ton of boards. You have to use the bracket that the mobo uses in the back for the USB/PS2/Firewire/Speaker/etc ports. Find out what kinf of mobo you have (probably ATX) and look for cases that support it. I know my case has tons of holes in it so you can mount a bunch of different mobo types. I think it has support for ATX, BTX, Micro ATX, and something else. But if you look up a case more than likely the mobos supported will be listed somewhere.
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Default Re: Case?

All cases are compatible with the stuff you have inside your computer. Although, make sure that it is not a Dell PC or something weird looking as it won't fit!

Any ATX towers will do, but if you have the newer design, where all the input/output ports are at the bottom, get a BTX. Some Dell PCs have BTX.
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