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Question Can't Log Into Windows

I'm extremely smart with computers and fixed many computers on my own. It is rare for me to come across a problem I can't fix. But now I seem to have one.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to find that my laptop was shut off when I left it on the night before. When I turned it on, right before it gets the the welcome/login screen, I get a message that says:

Parser Message
Value creation failed " at line 14

I couldn't do anything except click OK the it would seem to freeze. After a couple times of restarting. It would get to the Windows loading screen (black screen with the blue bars movies near the bottom), it it would take a long time , like at least a few minutes. Probably about 5 minutes at least. Once it gets past the loading screen, the screen would go blue (as it looks lke the welcome/login screen was about to appear and freeze but I can still move the mouse I think. It either does that or restarts itself. I havent't seen the error message anymore. I have Windows XP: Home Edition 2002.

I'e pressed F8 and tried ever option, but no luck. I had this porblem (or very simular problems) like this in the past, when I created new boot (fixboot and fixmbr) it usually works, but not this.

I've called Sony and they're gonna ship me a box, might come today. I want to copy all my stuff off to another hdd because I might loose my stuff and I don't trust technicians around here. I had bad experiences with echnicians in the past. Everthin is backed up mostly. It's mostly my movies and some videos from Youtube and stuff I have downloaded. I have a lot of videos and it'ss take a long time t get it back and some I probably won't get back.

I have hooked up my laptop to an external case and hooked it up to another computer. Good to know that the hdd isn't dead, it loaded all the files and I'm able to excess them, just one problem. My account is password protected so when I try to open my user folder, I get "excess is denied" I do not know how to get into a folder that won't allow excess.

What do I do?!

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Default Re: Can't Log Into Windows

First of all, wrong section.

Second, if you want to get into that folder the easiest would be if the computer you have the hdd hooked up too has XP pro (Vista Business or Ultimate should have this capability also, and home premium it looks like as I can get to it).

1. Right click on the folder and go to properties.
2. Click the security tab.
3. Click Advanced button.
4. Click the Owner Tab.
5. Click edit (this is vista, I didn't think you had to in XP).
6. In the change owner list select the user account you are using.
7. Check the "Replace Owner on Subcontainers and Objects" checkbox.
8. Hit OK or Apply. This will make you the owner of the folder so you can access it.

Note: This will not work in XP home.

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Default Re: Can't Log Into Windows

have you been installing skins?
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