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Default Can Someone Help Me Choose Componants For My 64-bit System! PLEASE!

Hi. I'm new here. This seemed like a really good place to ask a great deal of questions as you all seem very clever with computers and i know relatively little i suppose. I'd be very appreciative if you could help.

My dilema is i want to build a 64-bit system. Frankly, i have a budget of about 500 but don't really want to spend much more than 400. I intend to use some RAM and a CD drive (To install the OS) out of this PC until i can afford some really fast RAM and to save 20 on a drive which could go to something more important at the moment. So, those componants are out of the picture for the moment.

I will use my PC obviously to surf the net through a wireless network (I already have a card), but more demandingly I intend to play a lot of games on it. Such as Doom3 and Half-Life 2, which this PC i'm on at the moment just isn't fast enough to run (AMD Althon XP 2600+...yuk). I also do a fair bit of CAD work from time to time.

So; there's my rules. My problem is i don't know what to get. I really like Asus motherboards, and want to get one for this system. I was considering an 'Asus A8N-SLI/Premium' however, have come to understand i will never have enough money to make use of the SLi system, therefore am I just wasting unessesary money? On this note, i was curious to know; does the Nforce4 SLi chipset have any advantages apart from the obvious multi-GPU feature when compared to a normal N-Force4 Ultra chipset? I.e, is it worth forking out for an 'Asus A8N-SLI/Premium' when I could have exactly the same, bar the SLi, in another board. How would something like the 'Asus A8N-E' handle? It's 50 cheaper which is good!

Next, Hard Drive. I'll go for SATA because it's faster and as good as the same money, no? But...What's all this SATA 150, SATA 2, whatever the numbers are...I don't understand. Can i benefit??? I'll get a 120GB as they're dirt cheap, from something like Western Digital. That's all the space i'll need for the moment. Then again, what's a Raptor 10,000RPM like? A little more expensive for a less space and more spin, does that improve something like videogame play. Especially with games like DOOM3 which have all the files compressed...I think?

While i'm on ports. There's talk of Dual Memory slots or something for RAM on a lot of these 939 motherboards. What does that mean?

Ok, what's the difference between a Venice and Winchester core for an Althon 64? I was considering an Athlon 64 3500+ instead of a 3200+ (both Venice) as it's only 20 more, 140 in the sale. Seems the money is worth it, what do you think, will i notice the difference or should i save 20 for a better GPU?

Cases, are hard. It's unreal how many nasty looking cases there are. I've sieved through the junk on sites and i quite like the 'Antec TX1050B', 'Antec Plus 660AMG', 'Antec TX640B' (yes, i know they're all the same, hehe), also the 'Asus Vento 3600'. I just want a quiet case, which can keep my computer very cool...I suppose we all do. But, i don't know if i need 2 or 3 fans, or whatever. Please suggest any cases you like which are nice and quiet. This PC will run through the night in my bedroom so i don't want it keeping me awake! I know the CPU fan will be noisy, and i will get a new one. Still, i'm not up for replacing a case.

Finally. GPU. I don't know how much money i'll have left. But, i know i'll need a good one, for things like Far Cry, Doom 3, Half Life 2...You know them all i'm sure. Still, i don't really have a clue what to go for as i'm not that educated. How comes some 256MB are cheaper then 128MB, is it really all down to memory speed? As i said, i don't now, and likely will never have enough money for an SLi system.

Ok...Well, if you had the stamina to read through all that, you know where i am. Please suggest anything you think would be useful.


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Default Re: Can Someone Help Me Choose Componants For My 64-bit System! PLEASE!

Hmm going with 64 bit systems isn't such a good idea right now, in my opinion
As most computers are running on 32 bit, most programs and software are optimised for it, there aren't many programs which support 64 bit, so there won't be such as advantage or difference compared to building a normal computer using 32 bits
It is good that your custom building your PC though, especially as your primary purpose seems like gaming, which will save you back a fair amount of dollars
All your hardware and that seems quite good, but i don't know about the costs, in Australia, for custom building, it would take atleast $1500 to get a fair computer, but that is in Australia dollars and i have high standards when it comes to computers , i am not sure about pound just yet
I'll look around the internet to find some stuff for you

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Well I can't help u out alot because I have never had an Amd system and don't know alot about them. But for the hdd: u don't have a too high budged so don't go for the 10 000 rpm. A normal 7200r rpm will do fine. And for the GPU, I think the best option is 6600GT. For the case, since u have a low budget don't go for anything fancy, just a normal case should do the job and they don't cost much, u can get one with something like 20.
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Hey dyserq. I've actually built quite a lot of custom PC's (10-20)...including this one. Still, a lot have been barebones or have had the componants bought for me, then i build. So, i just don't have a great deal of knowledge on which hardware is best for what. I.e, all of what i've done is purely learning assembly stuff.

As for the cash, all the componants i suggested above comes to about 500. I just wondered if i was getting the right stuff.

Isn't a 64-bit processor good for the future though, no? Althon XP's seem near impossible to get at the speed of 64's nowadays??? The site i'm going to order from http://www.microdirect.co.uk only have like 3 Athlon XP's and they're all pretty slow.

At work i use a Pentium 4 system and am still not won over an AMD system...I've always prefered AMD's ethos and have never been anything but impressed with their products.

Does normal Windows XP Prof. support 64-bit processors? I understand it's not programmed in 64-bit which means i won't get any more performace out of the CPU at the moment. It was more of an investment for the future really. Games like FarCry are already using 64-bit aren't they?

I downloaded Windows X64 off the MS site last night. Is that worth using??? It seems like a bit of software to substitute the way it's talked about? Afterall, Windows Vista will support 64-bit won't it?

daemon, that 6600GT is awesome, but they're all quite pricey. Is that because of SLi compatability, or not? Are SLi cards going to come down in price??? Is it worth not having an SLi board and going for a normal 6600? I know nothing about GPU's really, it's awful considering i want to play games! How do the ATi cards compare? ...I think i'll have to go for a cheaper box; you're right.

What i need to know is motherboards. Which is the best Asus skt939 motherboard to go for, for gaming. I still feel SLi Chipset is nothing but throwing cash away as i highly doubt i'll ever use it. Is the NForce4 Ultra Chipset the same as the NForce4 SLi chipset apart from the multi-GPU stuff?

...Does anyone use a 'Asus A8N-E' or know what it's like?
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