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Default Can Prosessors fit any computer?

Hello, I'm looking to buy a new prosessor but I got no idea if it would even fit my Tower, idk my motherboard or anything, can you tell me how I can know?

I need a AMD one (I hear they good)
And I also might get a DUO core one,

all i know is my comp is AGP

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Default Re: Can Prosessors fit any computer?

1. To find your system specs, you can use either CPUz or Speccy:

Speccy: http://download.piriform.com/spsetup107.exe

2. Either AMD or Intel are good CPUs, and depending on what socket your motherboard has, and what processors it supports, you may have nowhere to upgrade to, so then would need to buy a new motherboard too. If you need a new motherboard, chances are, you will need to get a copy of Windows as well, because the copy you have will probably be OEM, meaning that it is bound to your motherboard and will say you need a new key when you change your motherboard

3. AGP isn't a brand or model of computer, it is a type of expansion port, a now obsolete expansion port. It is used for mainly graphics cards, now though PCIe is the standard.

If you know the manufacturer/model of computer, then the specs and information about it can be found out from that

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Default Re: Can Prosessors fit any computer?

Hmmm, Aastii is right AGP is an OLD expanson port and since you have an old expansion port that I never even heard of then that means get a new motherboard LOL...Also it depends what you want your computer to do, whether it be a server computer like what this website is on (computerforums.org) or play video games like CODMW2 and the such or maybe your going to use your computer as a workstation...but lets get back on track hehehe....No like Aastii already stated processors fit into a socket on the motherboard.

1. You need to find out your motherboard's socket for the cpu, whether it fits an AMD or Intel and the socket numeral...number...whatever you get the point lol
2. If your motherboard is even is compatible with current CPUs I suggest going to Newegg.com for buying processors and other computer hardware and matching the socket on your motherboard with socket on the other CPUs.
3. Get the processor for you needs, don't get a dual core processor running at 1.7 GHz and try playing Crysis: Wardhead.

Ok I just researched on AGP and yeah just because you got AGP doesn't mean you need a new motherboard just you can't take advantage of most video cards out there that use PCI Express.
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