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Default Can NOT uninstall webcam

Greetings all,
I'm not sure if is the right place for this post. Posting this in hardware and security sections.

My computer refuses to uninstall the laptop integrated webcam. Dell XPS M1730. I have tried multiple methods to disable/uninstall the camera with no luck! As soon as I see the message that I have uninstalled the driver, it immediately reinstalls it!!! A little bubble pops up in lower right corner of screen telling me it is installing the driver for the laptop integrated webcam. I have tried disabling it through device manager as well as deleting the driver but it always comes back! I thought that I had succeded in vanquishing this nemesis yesterday by disabling and deleting cam/driver, but as soon as I restarted the computer it was enabled and installed the driver immediatly! It simply refuses to let me get rid of it. I have been experiencing this for months and pretty much accepted that I'm stuck with it. The computer does some other strange things too but that is another matter... I reinstalled Win 7 yesterday and thought I'd try to get rid of the cam again but to no avail!!! It still refuses to let me disable/uninstall it! HELP MEH!!!

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Default Re: Can NOT uninstall webcam

Have you tried disabling the cam / driver (as mentioned above) then going into the startup options.

Click Start > Run > Then type 'msconfig'

Go to the 'Startup' tab, and see if theres anything relating to the camera that automatically is running when you restart the computer...

If that fails - black tape over the camera lens....!

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Default Re: Can NOT uninstall webcam

Hello and thank you for replies. Yes I tried disable/delete cam driver. Then went into startup menu and found it there too, and removed it. It still does not remove the cam/driver lol. I dont get it! Anyways I have had a piece of black tape over the cam for about 8 months now lol, but it still bugs the heck out of me that the computer refuses to obey my wishes. Also the microphone on this computer is super sensitive. It can hear a flea fart from across the room! and the mic is located beside the camera port. I dont like that! Not that I have anything to hide, its just the principle that bugs me. The next computer I buy will not have a integrated camera! If I need a webcam I'll buy an external one.
Thank you again.
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Default Re: Can NOT uninstall webcam

The reason the camera is being reinstalled is because Windows has native drivers for the camera. I have the M1530 and it installs it automatically as well. Just disable it in the device manager if you're that worried about it.
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