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Old 10-26-2005, 12:51 AM   #1
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Default Can i make it so my speakers can use a remote?

yeah i have this surround sound system http://www.targetpc.com/hardware/aud...51/factory.jpg and they are nice speakers except for one downside, no remote. Is there a way to make it so i can use a universal remote with them?

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Default Re: Can i make it so my speakers can use a remote?

Hmm, I doubt it. Not if it hasn't been built to use one.

The system would need an Infered attachment for one thing to understand what is coming from a univeral remote, and it probably doesn't have one.

It would be rather impossible, without being really electronically minded, to set one up...especially if those dials controlling volume on that speaker are analog controlled...
I guess though, you could open that right speaker up. Find out how that right speakers dials are attached, and take the circuit board or whatever, and drag it along a wire so its able to be closer to you...

I'd advise to give up that idea as a no go though As long as that speaker is near to you anyway, since its the Right, theres no real issue I don't think.

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Default Re: Can i make it so my speakers can use a remote?

geez, how do you have them set up that you can't reach them?....lol
my Logitech keyboard has volume controls on it, I suppose if you got a wireless one it might be kind of like a remote, you could move it farther away from the pc if you wanted. but that would adjust the system volume and not the volume on your external speakers.
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Default Re: Can i make it so my speakers can use a remote?

I just have a wireless keyboard Same thing really
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