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Default can anyone help , pls

hi guys, am new to the site and must tell u am not a PC specialist or expert in anyway.
i go a laptop acer intel core 2 150 ghz, 2gb ram.160 hard drive.it was at origin pre loaded on vista. A friend of mine replaced the vsta with xp professional and later carried out a partition, loading up both vista an xp so I have the choice when I boot my pc.
the problem is that since I got both systems loaded up , when my pc is turned on and set on vista or xp It often times turn off by itself. THE reason being because the cooling fan does not work properly and I notice that sometimes it stay silent and stationary that renders my pc overheated and ultimately turn it off by itself all of a sudden.
Please note that for as long as my pc was loaded with ONE SYStem ONLY (i.e xp)I never experienced this hassle, it only started giving this problem once my pc got pre loaded with the 2 systems. can anone explain why and how I can fix this?? thanks all

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Default Re: can anyone help , pls

Installing XP and Vista side by side for me gave some very strange administrative privilege errors. Maybe Vista corrupted a temp probe and can't read it right, maybe. I fixed my problem by formatting the whole thing and installing one OS. Unless you really need XP and Vista I say choose one and see what happens.

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Default Re: can anyone help , pls

its coulld be what was mentioned above, or it could be pure coincidence that your fan is burning up.. you could try buying a laptop cooling pad(it plugs into a usb port), and see if that helps, there reletively cheap now too, about 10 or 20 bucks

EDIT: Oh Great its a dug up thread
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