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Default Re: can an antec nin hundred

Those features are nice and all but the Lian Li case does the same thing in dissapting hot air out. You see, they have this specially designed air duct that helps to draw out heat from the CPU and other internal heat. Check out this video near the bottom:


The design is VERY unique. It actually draws in air from the back as well as the front and goes out through the side and up through the air duct. Plus the quality of the build and material just can't be matched. Plus, it has a lot of removable trays and panels for easy maintenance of the PC.

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Default Re: can an antec nin hundred

Originally Posted by esa193 View Post
the antec cooling wise beats that case for 2 reasons
1 huge fan on top to let out hot air
2 power supply is on bottom sucking out the hot air from the video cards
Hahahahaha, don't even get me started.

The Antec is steel and plastic. The Lian-Li is 100% aluminum and uses the best materials. Steel conducts heat like crap compared to aluminum. Aluminum is also much lighter.

Lian-Li cases are engineered to have much better airflow than your precious Antec 900.

The Lian-Li case is designed to be modded and has superior build quality. Good luck setting up water cooling in your Antec 900, that would be a pain.

In person, the Lian-Li looks much better. Sure, it's not quite so flashy with LEDs and those types of gimmicks, but the brushed aluminum finish has an amazing professional look.

Antec is much newer to the PC cases market. Lian-Li mainly makes cases, whereas Antec is more of an all around company.

Two words - thumb screws. They make putting together your PC so much more fun. And all rounded edges.

I could go on for days, but you get my point.

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Default Re: can an antec nin hundred

i like this one its perfict the air comes in through the bottem and the middle side pannel and through the front and goes out through the PSU the back 120 mm fan the the top fan
it makes a CLEAR path for the heat to go
he u go
i got this case and its alsome i got my Arctic cooler 64 sucking up right under one of the side intakes and then the other gets the GPU
my next fan will b a silver stone that goesn in front and will cool the HDD but the case doesnt come with it
its a solid case and works alsome i get great temps
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Default Re: can an antec nin hundred

I would get a Soldam if you can get a hold of one, they aren't available in the US, mostly Japan.


Top of the page.

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