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Default CA internet suite 07

Hello all. I cannot post too much info about my comp. Because of the problems I'm having I wasn't able to use Everest. All I can tell you is it's a dell 4600i sp2 with most of the bells and whistles. I've had if for almost three years with no real problems until recently when I renewed my CA ezarmor firewall and was upgraded to the CA internet suite O7. My computer is nothing but problems now and I want it out of my system. CA has failed to help. Problems include constant freezes, a couple of blue screens and it has become extremely slow. Task manager shows a process called cctray.exe which is part of CA is causing cpu usage to cycle up to 100% and back to 0 constantly. When I try to uninstall it I get "Warning w9011 cannot uninstall CA firewall." I don't even care about losing the money I spent on it, I just want it out unless someone is aware of this and knows a fix. I have uninstalled a few programs manually but I'm not so sure about this one. Any help would be great. If all else fails I was kicking around the idea of a clean install which my comp could probably use anyway but I would surely need help with that. Thanks jesse

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Default Re: CA internet suite 07

Never heard of this program, but standard procedure for removing software is using add/remove programs, or using the uninstall software that came with the program. Unfortunately there are alot of programs out there that dont like to be uninstalled (AOL comes to mind lol) and thats when it gets tricky

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Default Re: CA internet suite 07

Ok I got most of this problem figured out last nite. I restored back to the day before I renewed the firewall. The restore uninstalled the software but left the application on the desktop which is what I wanted. I had to reset winsock to access the internet after the restore. I don't know why that happened. I then uninstalled the previous firewall, reinstalled the new version and everything seems to be back to normal. Although the new version is supposed to uninstall the old software I think it might have missed something during the first installation. My cpu usage still cycles up and down but only to 30% now and is again being caused by cctray.exe. It doesn't seem to be slowing the computer down like before so I can live with it for now. There is one last issue I can't figure out. The antispyware is installed but will not run. I get "Error! PPctl.dll is damaged and could not be repaired. This may be due to the anitspyware being run from an account that has insufficient permissions to do the repair or the file is in use by another application." The old firewall version didn't have antispyware so I know it's not that so I uninstalled Yahoo toolbar because the yahoo antispyware also uses ppctl.dll but that didn't help. I think the registry needs to be tweaked. any ideas? thanks jesse
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