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Default Buying a laptop for a 16th birthday

Hey everyone. So my parents are going to get me a laptop for my 16th and i am really not sure what i should be aiming for. I have a lot of experience using computers, me and my bro built his computer and stuff like that, but that was a while ago.

Now i am looking to get a laptop.
I want in the laptop something that is fast, not a slow processor (i hear i3 or the new processors are good), reliable that won't fucking breakdown, and has good graphics. I may use it for a little bit of gaming, not like anything that requires a lot of spec, just some gaming.
Price range has to be from 500-700 and a trustable company. Toshiba i hear, my cousin also has one, are very reliable and build very well, as opposed to say Acer. Also good battery life, and good graphics but within the price range.

Uhh, i am more or less looking into Toshiba (or w/e suggested), unless people can advise otherwise. I live in Canada so it would be helpful if you could provide links to futureshop or bestbuy etc.

I guess i will start off with this, I am still looking but maybe an idea.

However the graphics don't seem to good. I will be using it for typing things for school also, and would like a good display.

Any suggestions?

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Default Re: Buying a laptop for a 16th birthday

How much money do you want to spend?

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Default Re: Buying a laptop for a 16th birthday

That doesn't have a dedicated video card.
:) Need a builder!
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Default Re: Buying a laptop for a 16th birthday

I am looking to spend maximum $700. So like it could be 649 or w/e. but before taxes under 700.

I want the best i can get.

I realize the Toshiba doesn't have a video card, which is why i posted it i didn't know that at first =(

A buddy recommended http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/produ...8fd1207bd8en02

Not sure about that one, Still looking around. Best i can get, good speed, good graphics, good battery life (or decent w/e)

Just browsing around on bestbuy's website. I found 2 laptops that might seem to be pretty good. Has a video card, good RAM, and outputs in it.

Check them out, any downs to these?



The HP pavillion no sure about it, never heard much about HP's but you guys got an suggestions?

So checking out yours, and the bottom one i posted i notice yours has a HD screen and shit like that. But i still have never heard of MSI. . . I went to my local futureshop and didn't find any MSI's there so im not sure.

However, now im looking still and found these 2.


Now out of all of these, what are the top 2 you recommend.

1. http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/...a922498e7ben02
2. http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/produ...8fd1207bd8en02
3. http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/...502c118521en02
4. http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/...049baea437en02

Out of all these top 2?


Any suggestions?

Basically here is what i am looking to use it for. School mainly, and watching videos or movies on it.

I also MAY, not sure yet i may because my buddies want me to is play WoW. I would just like something that is good on full settings for WoW, and maybe Sims 2.

Thats about it.

Here are 2 that people have been saying are good.
However the first one is web only so im not sure if i can get it. Any ideas on the BEST bang for the buck under 700CAN.


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