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Default Re: Building a uber good computer

$4000 on a coputer is a waste, unless you are extremely rich. In a year, it will be worth about $2000, year later, $1000, and lower and lower... And you will have no way or room for improovement. Relatives wont give you more money for your computer, they dont understand the depreciating value so fast, they will say: we gave you $4000 2 years ago, and you want to sell it for $1000 and get something else now? No way, you got our money.

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Default Re: Building a uber good computer

Just get a single 8800GTX, i dont care what your budget is, you shouldnt have to go over 2,000 unless your plainly rich, get a X35 chipset board, 4gb DDR3, 8800GTX, get a good water cooling kit (for apps that are single\double threaded having 4 cores isnt a factor so you should OC if your going to shell out that kind of cash), also get a cheap E6320 and wait for the new intel quads to come out

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
Go for 3 8800GTs if you want PCIE 2.0, but the ultras would be better. If it were me, I would spend $2000, and another $2000 over a couple years.

SLI isnt as good as nvidia makes it seem, it wont even come CLOSE to doubling your FPS even if you have them in triple SLI, your orginal GPU still has to put them back toghter. i would reccomend an Ageia PhysX card before 3 8800GT's. you might want to buy a PhysX card too, all the games using the Unreal engine(there will be quite a few) will support it. dont think crysis does, and i have no idea if COD4 does either.

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Default Re: Building a uber good computer

in 2 weeks 780i nvidia bored should be out apparently

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