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Default Re: building a new pc need some opinions

Originally Posted by muz View Post
well my only problem with the pentium D against AMD athlon x2 thing is that for the cheapeest price of a athlon x2 3600 the only thing i can get is a pentium 4 with only one core therefore something would tell me that the amd athlon x2 3600 would be better than a pentium 4 for my money ,but maybe i am missing something here
obviously that would be a real budget machine but nevertheless a dual core CPU for 45 is real bargin
heres one for you , i want a cpu mobo and ram for 100 dual core and 1gb ram, recommend me the intel core 2 duo parts i can get for that much , of course it aint possible is it no well then , the truth is if you are on an intense budget build AMD dual core is your best and pretty much only option , i here the pentium dual cores are coming out to fill the price gap between the pentium 4's and pentium d's but still wont be sub 45 , another thing as well intel has stop producing the pentium D's and so making them yesterdays technology whereas the athlon 64x2 is still in production

Obviously if you have a higher budget then sure get a core 2 duo , and i am not saying the AMD's are in any way better than the core 2 duos in fact i said the core 2 duo was arguable better , arguably cos in some benchmarks ,(that nobody can see anymore) the amd cpus where beating their equivalent core 2 duos obviously if he had said core 2 duo e6700 i wouldnt have said an amd cpu was arguable better because that there is no athlon x2 out there equally priced to that
but in gaming a core 2 duo would perform better but only maginaly better and i doubt you would be able to tell the difference between playing a game with the two following machines unless you used a fps meter as both are powerful enough to play most if not all todays games at high settings
intel core 2 duo e6600 with mobo
2gigs ddr2 800mhz ram
raptor 150gb
8800gtx 640mb
amd athlon x2 6000+ and mobo
2 gigs ddr2 800mhz
raptor 150gb
8800gtx 640mb

Of course there are plenty of non gaming ways to use an 8800gtx such as rendering large 3d models in programs such as 3d studio max , photo shop rendering

And it is such a shame in a serious discussion/debate about something you have had to revert to childish jokes about how nobody can see the benchmarks , this just proves that you cant argue my points but instead ridicule my posts to defend yourself
first of all learn how to take a joke, not every discussion about something technical has to be held in a lecture hall type mood.

secondly, i dont deny the fact that for low end amd is the way to go without a doubt.

i also agree that the 6000+ definitely compares with intel cpus of the price range. HOWEVER when you take overclocking into consideration the whole picture changes. the whole charm of the core 2 duos is that they overclock insanely well (for the most part). i mean for an enthusiast (and i believe anybody buying a 8800gtx can be called an enthusiast) having the ability to overclock should certainly be looked at. not saying the ahtlons dont oc at all, but not nearly as well as the core 2 duos.

and the main point that i think everybody agrees on is that regardless of how much better one cpu may be than the other in a benchmark or on paper, the user experience is a different story. if it were my build i would get the athlon x2 3800 (low watt version) just because the little improvement in performance is not worth the money. same goes for video cards.

and i think one thing that i would like to disagree with you on is that no one serious enough to spend $500-$600 on a video card would buy the 8800gtx for its 3d rendering capabilities, thats what workstation cards are for, and the workstation benchmarks are even closer for different video cards when you look at the performance of "non-workstation" cards performing workstation tasks.

please understand i only mean to poke fun, but not to act childish....

get it am2 = ass, now thats good.

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Default Re: building a new pc need some opinions

Core 2 Duo pricing going down at end of July and newer models being added. Wahahaha, AMD. Seriously though, you need to compare the processors yourself, there are to many fanboys here who will throw there personal brand loyalty over facts. Core 2 Duo do overclock well, not sure about how well that AMD does, if that a consideration for you.

I also am building a pc soon but am waiting for cpu price decrease/ faster models coming up in July and the release of mid-range ATI video card line, witch also is said to cause nvidia to reduce there prices soon. It's win, win expect for pci-express 2 coming out later this year. I'm always behind the times.


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Default Re: building a new pc need some opinions

OK, enough of the arguing about Intel and AMD here. We have a whole dedicated thread in the processor section for that. Lets get this one back on topic can we?

"as a fanboy i refuse to admit it and will pull countless things out of my butt to disprove it"

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