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Smile Building a new computer, need help!!

Hey everyone.
I'll say this at the very start, I am not computer smart so if you see something that is wrong/unwise please point it out!!!.
So i'm building a new computer for games/web surffing/homework. The primary use gaming for games like World of Warcraft, Crisis 2, Call of duty's and various steam games.

I have a high end game computer in mind.

These are the parts I am considering to get.

CPU-i7-2600k sandy bridge 2nd gen intel i7
GPU-AMD radion HD6970 2Gb
Motherboard-Intel Z68 Chipset
RAM-Kingston 12Gb (three 4Gb sticks) DDR3 PC-10600 (133Mhz) 240-pin
CPU cooler- Intel Orginal cooling fan with heatsink
Hard Drive- 2Tb (2 1Tb sticks) SATA III 7200rpm
Opitcal drive- Regular DvD/CD reader/burner
Case-Cooler Master HAF 912 .... Heres a link HAF 912 Advanced (Asia only) - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply
PSU-CoolerMaster GX 750W ATX Power Supply

Now I have learnt alot during the past week or so researching and picking parts, but I don't want to jump into such a big purchase without some verification from some people that know what they are talking about. My biggest worry with the paarts listed above is whether 750W PSU is enough power.

Please if you have any suggestions post them and let me know why you suggest it. You may need to dumb it down a bit for me to understand as well.

Thanks very much everyone!!!

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Default Re: Building a new computer, need help!!

Originally Posted by MattKelly
Hard Drive- 2Tb (2 1Tb sticks)
I think you have your grammar confused here. Hard drives aren't sold in sticks - that would be the memory or RAM. Hard drives are usually much bigger than "sticks"

A 750 watt power supply will likely be -a little- overkill, but it would afford you some breathing room, so as long as you keep to it, you should be fine (i.e. don't worry and buy something bigger, you just won't need it (yet))

The motherboard is a little ambiguous. Need a link or a model name to tell you if it'll work for what you're planning.

Also, unless you're planning on overclocking it, opt for the "2600" (notice the lack of a "k" here) if you want to just run stock speeds.
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